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Main article: Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze Cube Js Angular, This, combined with the fact that nobody but an Anbu could have even guessed Sai's assignment and thus known to attack him, convinces Kakashi that it is all part of a scheme concocted by Kido Tsumiki, a former ally to Danzō. Naruto is angry at him. Yes, Sai does die in Naruto Shippuden because she faced some unknown sickness and no one knew what to do or hot to treat that sickness to prevent her death. Kakashi meets with Sai and tells him about two separate attacks by unknown perpetrators against the Fire daimyō and Homura Mitokado. Sai was orphaned as a child and recruited into Root, a secret branch of the Anbu under the leadership of Danzō Shimura. Main article: Mitsuki's Disappearance Arc Sai and Ino exchange attacks with Magire, but neither side is able to hit the other. Sai then joins the others in aiding Hashirama against Madara. However, as the puppets were unable to give him the real parental love that he desired, Sasori lost interest in them, and they later fell into Chiyo's possession. Sai also displayed genuine sadness, shedding tears when his brother was freed from the technique and disappears. The ink clone helped Kakashi locate Sakura. When Inojin failed to apprehend a single mock intruder, he told his father he thought Ino was disappointed in him. Love And Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5, The team then set out to find the perpetrators, accompanied by Chiriku and Sora. Entering the river, the team fell under a genjutsu, with Sai dreaming about his happy experiences with his brother until Sakura released them from the genjutsu. He summoned Sai before him and instructed him to keep an eye on Naruto. The leader of the Kiri-nin took Yamato aside to discuss the matters of Utakata. Naruto asked that Kakashi and Yamato help him find the Fourth Raikage. Main article: Byakuya Gang Arc Jul 11, 2017 - Explore yoonjiniessi's board "Sai naruto" on Pinterest. Sai can also produce explosive tags, as seen when he had multiple birds fly down to bombard his enemies with a chain of explosions. Although Sai was able to land a successful attack, Sasuke's abilities were too much for them and he prepared to kill them all. While dealing easily with most of the enemy forces, Garyō's bodyguard holds them off using Ice Release. Mary Jane's Last Dance Tab, Main article: Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax. He also reveals that, after the war, he saw Anbu collecting samples from the Valley of the End and the bridge where Sasuke fought Danzō. Kakashi deduced that the creature acts differently from normal summonings, naturally existing in its own separate dimension. Sai greift nun Deidara und Sasori mit zwei großen Tintenmonster an und schafft es mit Kankurous Hilfe, die Gegner gefangen zu nehmen. Before that happened, however, Shin died of an unnamed illness and Sai's Root training suppressed most of the memories he had of him. After he had introduced himself to Shino, he found that Shino had a bit of a grudge towards Naruto, since it turned out that though Sai only knew Naruto for a few month and knew more about Naruto, much more than he did. They were soon found by Orochimaru, and as a result, Naruto distracted him so that Sai could have a chance to scout on ahead. Naruto's story told of a great ninja war. Konoha leadership considered closing off the gates to Konohagakure to stop the flow of information. Later, Sai sees that the village is being attacked, and sneaks out of the hospital to help Asuma fight Kazuma, enabling Asuma to finish him off. Tears flowed from Sai's eyes as Shin's body turns to ash and dust. He wears a short black-and-grey jacket with red straps — as customary of all Root members, to most likely show his allegiance to the organisation. Accurate Mag Vs Aics, Sean Connery Black Belt, He later appeared to show genuine anger while explaining to Sakura about Naruto's feelings for her and later when she lied to Naruto about the predicament with Sasuke and trying to use a fake confession to get him to give up on Sasuke. Kakashi arrives to help soon after Magire is defeated, with Naruto and Hinata accompanying him. Main article: Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire When the sentry, an acquaintance of Sai's, is unwilling to answer their questions, Sai forces Sakura's whereabouts from him by tickling him with a paintbrush. Sai starts questioning the captive, but when the man begins to respond a juinjutsu activates and his body blows up. After the two meet up with Yamato, they find Naruto being drained of his chakra by Fūka. After the Ōtsutsuki attack on the Chūnin Exams, Sai and Ibiki Morino report that Katasuke Tōno was under mind-control of a third party to Naruto, and suggest it's likely that the perpetrator was after Konoha's technology. Upon arriving, they learned that Team 7 had attempted to escape the prison after Benga began abusing his newfound power. The man stated firmly that he wished to defect to Konoha, offering his full intel on Kara and its resources, their Ten-Tails, and even on the Ōtsutsuki. When Kakashi summoned his ninken to assist them on the mission, Sai was partnered with Ūhei and Urushi and wondered to himself whether or not he could become friends with dogs.

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