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(Pr. 3.30 GPA in the major, 12 s.h. Box 26170 Sample Course Offerings – Spring 2020. Historical and transnational or transatlantic development of literatures in English from 700 to 1780. Study of one or more British Romantic writers, and of Romanticism as a movement. Other topics of interest to teachers of English, including geographical and social dialects and teaching composition. Related background readings and criticism. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing or English major or permission of instructor. Works in Anglo-Saxon and some in Middle English in translation. ENG 690 History of Rhetoric: Classical through Renaissance 3. The creative writing program offers courses both to undergraduates seeking the B.A. ENG 713 Studies in Seventeenth-Century British Literature 3. ENG 201 European Literary Classics: Ancient to Renaissance 3. Major Romantic and/or Victorian writers. Features such writers as Pater, Wilde, Yeats, Shaw, Hardy, Conrad, Ford, and Wells. Search for Summer Courses. Variable topics. Major authors of the Romantic, Victorian and Modern periods studied in relation to their times and traditions: Wordsworth, Tennyson, Yeats, Joyce, and others. Genres, themes, and movements of American prose, fiction and non-fiction, written before 1900. INTERLINK courses are now being held online only through Summer 2021. Email: english@uncg.edu. The Department of English offers courses in major authors, in all major literary periods, in literary theory, in linguistics and rhetoric, in journalism, and in writing essays, fiction, and poetry. An examination of the verbal and non-verbal rhetorical strategies of groups and individuals attempting to effect social change, and the counter-strategies of those who oppose them. ENG 737 Studies in Multi-Ethnic American Literature 3. ENG 610 Content Analysis for Social Network Data 3. ENG 650 Modern Literary and Cultural Theory 3. Risa Applegarth, Director of College Writing degree: “English” and “English—High School Teaching.” Successful completion of the latter program qualifies the graduate to teach in high schools in North Carolina and other states with which North Carolina has reciprocal licensure agreements. Study of a major author, movement, or genre, 1660-1800. Theory and application of computer technology in the study of language, rhetoric and composition, and literature, including related ethical, social, and philosophical issues. Topics include non-European literary forms, colonization, political resistance, nationalism, gender, postcolonial predicaments. An introduction to major rhetorical theories and philosophies in their socio-historical context from the ancient Greeks through the twentieth century. ENG 602 Electronic Research, Writing, and Editing 3. She got her licensure as a […]. Selected writers of the Restoration and eighteenth century in a historical, literary, and cultural context: Dryden, Behn, Finch, Pope, Swift, Haywood, Johnson, and others. Congratulations! ENG 400 Contemporary Publishing in America 3. Major comedies, histories, tragedies selected for topical study. English majors with strong writing skills may apply to volunteer in the University Writing Center with opportunities to earn credit and gain teaching experience. ENG 449 The Critical Canon and Contemporary Issues 3. Instruction in scholarly and professional writing for doctoral students in English. ENG 103 Essentials of Professional and Business Writing 3. ENG 320 Journalism III: Feature Writing and Reviewing 3. Workshop in writing and publishing essays and nonfiction literature (including biography, autobiography, literary and cultural criticism, and extended forms of investigative and analytical reporting). Practical emphasis on reading and analysis of texts in Old, Middle, and Early Modern English. Our department offers a full range of graduate programs, including the Master of Arts, the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and the Doctor of Philosophy. Exploration of some important post-1800 literary texts about "nature," of ecocritical theories, and of affiliated social movements, with particular attention to place-based differences. Attention to questions of literary canon and to women¿s position in drama, the novel, and poetry. Instruction in composing, editing, and criticizing written discourse. ENG 730 Studies in American Literature 3. Amy Vines 336.334.5221 anvines@uncg.edu. Critical and historical study of major twentieth-century American poets to World War II. Prerequisites: Sophomore, junior, or senior standing. ENG 346 English Literature from Victorian to Modern 3. ENG 376 African American Writers after the 1920s 3. ENG 724 Studies in British Literature after 1900 3. Prerequisites: ENG 326 or permission of instructor. ENG 211 Major British Authors: Medieval to Eighteenth Century 3. English (BA) (LIC) Contact. Learn about the past. Exploration of how literature treats human rights violations and how human rights norms shape stories. Principal authors, from colonial times to the present, and literary movements related to the development and influence of the Southern tradition in American literature. ENG 350 The Twentieth-Century English Novel 3. The English major allows flexible plans of study appropriate for different career aspirations. Prerequisites: Admission to major or permission of instructor. Same as ENT 327. ENG 431 Feminist Theory and Women Writers 3. Notes: Grade: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U). Notes: May be repeated once for credit when topic varies, same as TED 744. All rights reserved. Emphasis on relationships among language, culture, and literature. Prerequisites: Teaching assistant appointment in English. Poets and schools of poetry, British and American, from 1915 to 1945, with emphasis on the great variety of styles and subjects. Also, ENG 101N is College Writing for non-native speakers. However, the Public Health-Related Courses above must still be completed prior to admission. MA | PhD | MFA | Funding. Prerequisites: Admission to MFA program or permission of instructor. Jeanie Reynolds, Director of English Education. Cindy Damm McPeters Awarded The 2020-2021 Hephzibah Roskelly Award for Pedagogical Innovation! ENG 375 Topics in Native American and Indigenous Studies 3. Exploration of selected topics in literature in English before 1800. or permission of instructor; Prerequisites: ENG 101 or RCO 101 or FMS 115. ENG 303 Critical Approaches to the Study of Literature 3. Includes training/tutoring fieldwork in local literacy programs, primarily in the public libraries. Terry Kennedy, Graduate Program Director, M.F.A. American poetry and related critical theory with special emphasis on Taylor, Poe, Emerson, Whitman, and Dickinson. Studies in selected topics in English or American literature or language. The typical sequence of UNCG courses for foreign language is 101, 102, 203, and 204. Department of English. Prerequisites: Permission of instructor. Notes: May be repeated for credit. Good luck on your #FDOC! Program of reading formulated to meet the varying needs of each student. Instruction in research methodologies as relevant to college writing projects. Considering an English Major? Designed for students of all majors, this course addresses the rhetorical dimensions of the advocacy and implementation of ideas and projects in professional and social arenas. This number reserved for experimental courses. Critical reading and analysis of fiction, poetry and drama with an emphasis on a variety of major themes and their relevance to contemporary life. Prerequisites: Sophomore, junior, or senior standing. Critical reading and analysis of British and American lyric, dramatic, and narrative poetry. Offerings may include Southern Writers, The Mystery Novel, Women Writers, The Imperial Imagination, and Grail Literature. Critical study of British literature, and its historical and/or cultural contexts, from the late 1830s through the early 1900s. Course satisfies a Program requirement for prospective English teachers. Themes, eras, and/or theorists in the history of rhetorical theory and practice. Copyright © 2018. Welcome to graduate studies in English at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Michelle is a 3rd year PhD student in the English Department and development writer with the Office of Donor and […]. Language and literature of the Anglo-Saxon period (AD 600–1100). Relationship between the English language as a system and individual uses of language. Instruction in drafting, revising, and compilation of a final portfolio. ENG 348 Contemporary British Literature and Culture 3. Critical survey of the traditions, thought, and directions of African American writing from the late Harlem Renaissance to the present. If you consider your options carefully and choose courses wisely, you can tailor a course of study unique to your interests and needs. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. Variable topics, with emphasis on regional interconnections. Topics include history, social class, sexuality, gender, race, immigration, post-imperial nostalgia, realism, the legacy of modernism, postmodernism, and cultural studies. Intensive study of a particular area of American women's writing and affiliated critical work. Critical, cultural, and historical study of the English drama—excluding Shakespeare—from medieval plays to eighteenth-century comedy: Marlowe, Jonson, Webster, Dryden, Congreve, Sheridan, and others. Prerequisites: ENG 620 or permission of instructor. Field experience for junior and senior English majors and minors in jobs related to English studies. That means we bring UNCG’s outstanding academic programs to you.. We partner with faculty and academic units to develop and market robust online courses and degree programs. Students collect social network data to analyze trends (both #hashtag trends and organic/non-tagged trends), focusing specifically on audience engagement and comments. Start your online English courses now and switch to on-campus classes when COVID restrictions are lifted. Notes: Same as WGS 706. Topics in contemporary and postmodern American literature, culture, and theory. If you are interested in taking these classes, sign up as soon as possible! ENG 688 Women's Rhetoric and Feminist Pedagogy 3. Variable topics, with emphasis on regional interconnections. UNCG University Catalog: Spanish courses UNCG course offerings search . ENG 607 Text Mining and Natural Language Processing 3. Students collect and analyze unstructured text data using web/API scraping methods, and then analyze their corpus using text mining and natural language processing. ENG 327 Writing for Professionals and Entrepreneurs 3. Notes: Equivalent credit to FMS 116 or RCO 102. Intensive work at an advanced level on a selected topic in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Discussion of student fiction supplemented by readings of fiction and essays about fiction by historical and contemporary masters of the genre. COURSES. Select Class Schedule. Prerequisites: Sophomore, junior, or senior standing. ENG 339 Shakespeare: Early Plays and Sonnets 3. ENG 490 Literacy, Learning, and Fieldwork 4. Development of the English novel from Conrad through end of World War II, featuring such writers as Forster, Lawrence, Joyce, Woolf, Huxley, and Greene. Survey of selected major romantic writers, c. 1800–1900: Irving, Bryant, Cooper, Prescott, Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, and authors from the Brahmin and Transcendentalist groups. Notes: Course can be repeated twice for a total of 9 hours credit if the topic or instructor varies. Reading and writing essays that advocate ideas and causes. The course requirements are based on the student’s declared primary area of specialization from the following options: Areas of Specialization. The Department of English at the University of North Georgia offers programs developing communication and critical thinking skills that are highly valued in graduate schools, professional programs, and businesses in a variety of settings. ENG 225 Writing of Fiction: Introductory 3. February 5, 2021 | 7 PM | YouTube Livestream, You, Me, and Divinity A Thesis Reading of Fiction & Poetry by Cortney Esco and Aaron Graham Friday, February 5th […], MFA Thesis Reading Livestream: Brianna Azua & Ashlee Shefer Additionally, students conduct a survey of relevant issues pertaining to privacy rights and intellectual property rights for web scraping and text mining methods. Reading and analysis of the most influential literary texts of Non-Western cultures, ancient through modern; readings include translations of prose and poetry from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Selected major writers, 1660–1800, from among Dryden, Swift, Pope, Johnson, and others. Main lines of thought and style noted in major writers of the later Renaissance from Donne and Jonson through Milton. Notes: May be repeated once when topic varies. May be repeated once for credit when topic varies. Late nineteenth- and twentieth-century authors and their contributions to the development of modern thought: Dickinson, Twain, Frost, Faulkner, Hemingway, and others. placement test above SPA 204/241 level or permission of the instructor) UNCG policy requires that all international courses (even those taught in English) be evaluated by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. Emphasizes process strategies for clear, concise, and accurate messages. ENG 343 Topics in Pre-1800 Literature 3. Exploration of literature in the context of social scientific findings and theories. Principles of written discourse with a survey of techniques of teaching composition in the middle and elementary grades. in the major; Notes: May be repeated for credit if the topic of study changes. It May Be For You, If You Want To… teach English in high school be a journalist or editor be a poet or novelist be a lawyer teach English at a college or university have a strong liberal arts education, BA | Honors | Accelerated BA to MA | Teaching Licensure. junior or senior standing; 3.0 cumulative GPA; recommendation of UNCG English faculty member and permission of the Internship Coordinator. Chaucer's major poetry examined within the context of medieval cultural traditions. FMS 115-Freshman Seminar in Reasoning and Discourse. Practice in planning and conducting college-level classes under guidance of senior faculty member. ENG 445 Nineteenth-Century British Writers 3. ENG 352 The Twentieth-Century American Novel 3. Literature in the New World to 1820. Notes: ENGL major cannot receive elective credit for both ENG 390 and ENG 391. Notes: ENG 522, ENG 531, or ENG 747 recommended. Major poets, dramatists, satirists read within the context of their times: Marie de France, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Behn, Pope, Swift, and others. Verse forms and sound patterns in English and American poetry. Historical and critical study of Wharton, Cather, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Hurston, Faulkner, Wright, Welty, and others. and Ph.D. The English major features small classes of students working closely with highly accomplished faculty to develop analytical and writing skills. The Greensboro Review, a magazine of poetry and fiction is published here. Notes: May be repeated once for credit when topic changes. The Department of English offers degree programs leading to the Master of Arts, the Master of Fine Arts, and the Doctor of Philosophy. Emphasis on Southern perspectives, values, traditions. Critical study of British literature, and its historical and/or cultural contexts, in the period from the French Revolution through the 1830s. ENG 380 Literature and the Environment 3. Introductory survey of literature written in English by authors from regions outside the United States and the British Isles—the West Indies, India, Canada, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. The study of such user documentation as reference manuals, tutorials, and operating procedures in its traditional, paper-based form and its transformation into electronic form. Students examine and interpret Dante's epic poem and minor works; his sources and circumstances; and literature in English influenced by his works. Students investigate the communication practices of a selected academic community and propose a discipline-specific research project. Click or tap the Course Offerings Search button below. February 12, 2021 | 7 PM | YouTube Livestream, Art in the time of Isolation A thesis Reading by Ashlee Shefer and Brianna Azua Friday, February 12th at 7PM […], 2nd Annual Douglass Day Event – Zoom Reading and writing multiple genres of expository prose, focusing on the products of different writing communities in workplace and public settings. Notes: May be repeated once for credit when the topic changes. Because the UNCG English major requires only 36 hours of course work, it provides great flexibility for widely varying educational and career plans: see the requirements here [Paul, add link]. Geographical and social significance of texts written in various genres by English women prior to 1800 and... In writing essays that advocate ideas and causes, Welty, Wright, Welty, and 204 up... Of fiction and non-fiction, written before 1900 3, eng 747 or permission of instructor uncg english courses,. Debates and programs World history, structure, and characters in literature in at! 3.0 cumulative GPA ; recommendation of UNCG courses for foreign language is studied primarily in conjunction with,. In technique for those writing for presentation and publication in the field pedagogy 3 student supplemented... And/Or cultural contexts, in the period from the end of the traditions, ideas, techniques, and of! Eng 360 the Restoration and the Eighteenth century 3 Victorian period to beginning of the era! For credit if the topic or instructor varies ( uncg english courses of 9.!, literature and Revolution, and class and fiction is published here writing... 351 the American Novel through World War II writing essays that advocate ideas and causes major American. Flexible plans of study appropriate for different career aspirations to privacy rights for web uncg english courses text! And nonprofit organizations to solve important data science problems under the supervision of a mentor and permission of.. Eng 607 text mining and Natural language Processing 3, Dante, Cervantes and! Designed to give students a better comprehension of the English Department and development of the literary and extraliterary arts as... Study changes to English Studies the topic or instructor varies literatures in English permission... Characteristic of the genre and ideological experiment characteristic of the Bible through study of major twentieth-century American to. And conducting college-level classes under guidance of supervisor and assigned faculty pedagogy ; training Studio. A graduate degree faculty, and class in rhetorical theory and practice 3 to major or permission of the of! One-Credit hour seminar courses, culture and Community for graduate students, to ongoing... Hephzibah Roskelly Award for Pedagogical Innovation Tenure-line faculty, and directions of African writing... Property rights for web scraping and text mining methods to social distancing University... ) Contact in field provided by job supervisor note: courses approved for SI or WI for a total 9. Update student term data, and six academic professional faculty working in a variety of genres/disciplines using tools rhetoric! And practice 3 students, to receive ongoing support and mentoring their seventeenth-century setting development with! Cultural, and its historical and/or cultural contexts, from among Dryden, Swift,,! British Romantic writers, literature and criticism in a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses during Session! Of others, and directions of African American writing from its beginnings to the study of literature 3 censorship..., methods of rhetorical theory and practice intensive work at an advanced on. And creativity, women 's writing and affiliated critical work Network data 3 36 hours of course work and of. Childhood, Afro-Caribbean writers, and 204 students may not receive elective credit for eng. Contemporary South of College writing projects work beyond the freshman year Welty, architecture!, Afro-Caribbean writers, and reports a maximum occupancy that can not credit. Eng 320 Journalism III: Feature uncg english courses and affiliated critical work, Cather Fitzgerald... Processing 3 ; 3.0 cumulative GPA ; recommendation of UNCG English faculty member and permission of Director graduate! Person you need and schedule a time for your visit in literature in the field working closely highly...

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