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Answers to the most frequently asked questions on Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) are now available to download. Japanese Knotweed is an non-native invasive species. Japanese Knotweed Removal in Ireland - 07849883766 Our team can offer Japanese knotweed removal in Ireland SG17 5 to prevent your property being subject to damage due to the knot weed plants. It is an offence to plant or encourage it to grow, but the responsibility for dealing with it rests with the landowner where the plant is growing. And Japanese Knotweed is present throughput Ireland — from Mayo to Dublin and down to Cork. Our staff are highly trained, use innovative solutions and the most-up-to date research in this field. Prevent spread of Japanese knotweed You must prevent Japanese knotweed on your land spreading into the wild. Starting from just £750 (plus VAT), our removal cost includes all the accreditation reports required by lenders. Learn More About Us Commercial Land Clearance and Invasive Weeds Removal. Japanese Knotweed Specialists are renowned within the industry as one of the UK’s leading contractors in the removal, treatment and control of Japanese Knotweed. If the plant is on public property you should inform the city council. To do and to be the best, and by that practise, to be now and in the future, the most trusted Knotweed Management Company in the UK. We can perform a free site survey of the infestation in the UK and Ireland and provide all available treatment options to you. We are a specialist and professional Japanese knotweed treatment company, with However, seeking Professional and trusted nationwide Japanese knotweed services for surveys, legal assistance & reports, treatment programmes, excavations, guarantees and insurance We are the UK's trusted Japanese knotweed treatment and remediation company with a proven track record in working successfully for local authorities, developers, construction companies and private landowners. To move soil in the Republic of Ireland that contains Japanese knotweed will require a A balanced eco-system means to have harmony between all plant Japanese knotweed is an invasive perennial plant species in Ireland. Environment Agency, Natural Resource Wales, Scottish Environment Protection Agency). Japanese knotweed ( Fallopia japonica ) is a weed that spreads rapidly. We regularly get reports of Japanese Knotweed growing in Belfast, however we do not have a responsibility to deal with it. It grows to heights of , and the roots can be twice that deep. Japanese Knotweed was first introduced into Ireland by the late Victorians as an ornamental plant for their gardens. A Guide To Reporting Japanese Knotweed By Paolo Martini on 26th February 2020 (updated: 27th May 2020) in News After positive identification has been made of any Japanese knotweed infestation, it becomes necessary for other parties to be notified of the problem so that they have the opportunity to respond. As this plant is of an invasive nature the removal may require the use of potentially harmful chemicals and could therefore put the user and environment at risk if not applied correctly. You can pay for safety equipment, chemicals and collection annually and reduce the costs to between £100-£250.This however doesn’t solve the issue The smallest fragment of Japanese Knotweed root system is enough to start an infestation that will spread rapidly, costing you time and money. Knotweed grows at a concerning rate in Spring and Summer and can grow up to 20cm per day. Japanese Knotweed Training is a leading provider for Japanese Knotweed Removal Training Courses in Northern Ireland. Japanese Knotweed in Isle of Wight - 07849883766 Our specialists have worked with Japanese knotweed in Isle of Wight PO36 9 for many years and we are experts when it comes to identification and removal of this unwanted weed. Legislation: Northern Ireland; Under article 15 of the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985, it is an offence to plant or otherwise cause to grow in the wild Japanese knotweed or any other invasive plant listed in Part II of schedule 9 to that Order. Japanese Knotweed Ireland is an established Irish registered company specializing in the survey, control and removal of Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica), Giant knotweed and other Non Native Invasive (plant) Species (INNS) in Ireland. Japanese knotweed on site (as has occurred in Northern Ireland and England), having Japanese knotweed on the site can and has deterred some from purchasing a property. It is one of the fastest growing and most destructive plants and the speed at which it has spread throughout Ireland is nothing short of extraordinary. Removal costs start from £1,500+VAT. Japanese Knotweed is one of Ireland’s most unwanted species and it poses both huge environmental and economic threats. All our control programmes fully comply with relevant UK Best Practice and Codes of Practices advised by the Property Care Association (PCA) and the appropriate national government agencies (e.g. If possible, notify the land owner of the presence of the plant and its potential impact. We offer our services nationwide through local teams supported with our bespoke innovative field based software to deliver the very best service. How to Get Rid of Japanese Knotweed. However, outside its native habitat of Japan and Northern China the plant has proven to be an aggressive coloniser Japanese knotweed spreads Knotweed Services (UK) Ltd are experts when it comes to Japanese Knotweed removal. 3. Our Japanese knotweed removal services are extremely affordable when compared to the majority of companies in the UK. It is illegal to dispose of Japanese knotweed at a landfill site without informing the landfill site that the waste material is Japanese knotweed. Japanese knotweed is an invasive ornamental plant that can be tough to remove. Japanese Knotweed Eradication, Management, Treatment and Removal Services throughout Ireland Ecoweed Control are the only company in Ireland to provide this … Japanese Knotweed can grow to 3-4m in just 10 weeks. Japanese Knotweed removal costs will depend on the size of the Japanese Knotweed infested area, as well as your plans for the property as this will dictate what removal method that will be used. 4. Knotweed Solutions specialise in the identification, surveying, treatment, management and removal of Japanese Knotweed and other non-native invasive plant species in Ireland. Knotweed Management If you’re looking for help and advice in Japanese knotweed removal and treatment, you’ve come to the right place. Giant Knotweed, Fallopia sachalinensis, Identification, Management, Control, Removal. This Japanese Knotweed Removal service has a proven track record of removing this stubborn weed from various types of properties, whether that is commercial or residential. It is also an option to just maintain the Japanese Knotweed at a much lower cost. Identify Japanese knotweed How to identify Japanese knotweed. Japanese Knotweed Identification Please feel free to email any photograph`s of plants on your property to Knotweedcontrol.ie and we will confirm presence or absence of Knotweed species. Japanese Knotweed Specialists are one of the UK’s leading contractors and consultants in the control, treatment and removal of Japanese Knotweed and other Invasive Weeds. Japanese Knotweed Removal, Control & Elimination It is recommended that the control of Japanese Knotweed should be carried out by trained and qualified persons. Underground, its roots – or rhizomes – can spread 7m horizontally and compromise the structure of buildings. Our innovative Eraginate® treatment process is the most cost-effective way to eliminate Japanese Knotweed quickly. There is Japanese Knotweed growing in my community, who should I tell? If you want to up your skills our Pesticide Training & Knotweed … Getting A Mortgage With Japanese Knotweed By Paolo Martini on 8th April 2020 (updated: 16th July 2020) in News The discovery of a Japanese knotweed infestation can make selling a house a difficult proposition, this is largely due to the historically cautious approach that mortgage lenders have taken to homes affected by the plant. We offer professional assistance across England & Wales to those who need it, without obligation, and where we may recommend you to a specialist law firm, all our panel law firms offer a No Win No Fee service. Nationwide Japanese Knotweed removal specialists, call us now on 0330 363 9555 for free expert advice Our team of experienced surveyors will assess the areas of concern & offer advice on the most cost effective options available Knotweed experts call 085-808-9016 Giant knotweed is a species of Fallopia native to north eastern Asia, northern Japan and the far east of Russia it was introduced to Ireland by gardeners and now resides in most counties across Ireland. Soil or … The Knotweed Company Ltd are here to advise you and manage your Japanese knotweed concerns. Download the Japanese knotweed FAQ While these questions and answers relate to Japanese knotweed, they are also applicable to the regulated invasive species Giant knotweed ( Fallopia sachalinensis ), Bohemian knotweed ( Fallopia x bohemica ) and Himalayan knotweed … Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant that can live more than one year.

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