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$3999 Built using a Scandium frame, with a tapered headtube and a 15mm front axle for super stability, not to mention all sorts of sexy cold forged frame components and beautiful lines. New for 2011, the revolutionary adaptability of Kona's G2 Magic Link rear suspension technology is now available on a short-travel XC bike, the super speedy 2+2, a two-inch travel bike blessed with an extra two-inches of rear … Learn what the Top 15 Pro Men at the 2019 Vega Ironman World Championship in Kona used in terms of bikes, components and other gear plus lots of numbers of these super-fast Ironman athletes. Say it 120 times and you've got our XC oriented platform of 120mm travel bikes. Super light long travel. We've also added lighter, disc specific stays and, ahem, fenders themselves (sorry for the delay). This year the Sutra returns with new chainstay mounted disc brakes for easier fender fit and more fender options. Featuring Kona's G2 Magic Link … Hei Hei Trail The Ultimate Mid-Travel 27.5 Trail Machine; Hei Hei Progressive Cross Country Race and Trail Bikes; MTB Hardtail The Truly Classic Mountain Bikes With the wave of a wand, the trails of the world get smoother, faster, shorter, and a hell of a lot more fun. Steep geometry, light components, integrated headset, and plush, extra large cross-country travel. For 2011 you'll find Kona Race Light Scandium sprinkled throughout our entire line of bikes. Honzo CR Trail DL. For those rugged, long, hammerdown trails, this bike takes the edge off the beast without being beastly. 15 Apr “The Hei Hei delivers what I DO want in a XC bike - awesome pedaling characteristics and fun, playful handling.” @bikemag’s Hei Hei first ride review is online now! We wanted to buy the world a Coke®, but realized the last thing the world needs is more sugar and caffeine, so we made it a bike instead. 15 Apr “The Hei Hei delivers what I DO want in a XC bike - awesome pedaling characteristics and fun, playful handling.” @bikemag’s Hei Hei first ride review is online now! From our all-new short-travel bike-park destroyer Entourage to the Honzo, a burly all-mountain Cromoly 29er; from the fast-emerging legend of the Operator's mega-plush durability to the best climbing freeride bike ever made, the CoilAir. HONZO The hardtail that changed trail bikes for good. Soon to come will be Pro Men and their gear on the Run at Kona, Pro Women and their bike gear and Pro Women on … Check it: a sub 30-pound four-inch travel bike with the ability to jump to six-inches in the rear when certain "situations" arise. Feel good all over the world and then some with Kona's wondrously refined touring bike. From the North Cape to the South Cape . Most notably, our Abra Cadabra 100-160mm variable travel backcountry bike uses a Scandium frame, a testament to our commitment and faith in one of the world's most rigorous materials. More importantly, the overall sizing on mountain bikes and road bikes allow Kona dealers and riders to determine their fit more easily from model to model and category to category. New for 2010, the worldly yet affordable, Rasta imbued, 3-speed internal hub, 26-inch wheel, steel framed city commuter WorldBike from Kona. 18,000 miles in 100 days, from the North Cape down to the South Cape that was the dream of the two British cycling adventurers Reza Pakravan and Steven Pawley.By making the journey in the shortest possible time they hoped to set a new world record and raise money for the … The net result is better fit on the entire range, with a simplified system that allows easy fine-tuning and a perfect marriage of bike and rider … No matter how you do your down, whether be it by lift, lung or a whole lotta air, we're the …

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