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I don't See the resemblance to Pure seduction. That being said, I love this scent. Kept the lotion and noticed my bf really liking the scent and was asking me why i wasn’t using it. I have a bottle I picked up at the VS Semi Annual Sale a while ago, it is a nice fragrance, but it can be a little bit much sometimes. Smells like grape juice. And girls and women, especially in my high school never do they SPRAY this on, they fill up a bathtub with it and soak and then go out. Online right now: 1954, Fragrantica in your language: Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. I got into more complex fragrances as I got older and able to afford "real" perfume, but still wear this on casual days when in the mood for a sweet comforting smell. Its accompanying assortment features 250 ml fragrant lotion, 250 ml fragrant mist and 500 ml fragrant bath and shower cream. Plus the nozzle broke. Always a fun one. Wild at heart, punk princess, rock child meets a tres chic composition of … The vanilla is just great, perfect amounts and again, the husband loves it!!! Not sure why people would want to smell so sweet if they are over 15. I don't like this scent. I blind bought this one for my daughter and gave it a go last night, to me its a sharp fruity scent at first blast and drys down to a sticky syrupy scent almost candy like. It was my first VS perfume ever, and I was in love with it. Kupite originalne parfume online - notino.si. I can be going into work and smell someone wearing this or walking around the mall or grocery store and get a whiff of someone wearing this walking by. Browse our selection of fragrance oils that smell just like the scents from the popular brand. I LOVE this perfume, well I got the body mist, but still, i LOVE this scent! If I'm going to go the fruity sweet route, I much prefer Pure Seduction. Cena dostave in način plačila. Like fruit! Love Spell is always going to remind me of my early teens. Love Spell smells great on people with good personal hygiene not those who use it to cover stinky feet or sweaty workout body odor. Very zesty and fresh. I kinda like it, but not too much :D I have a sample and I can honestly say that I'm not interested in buying it. i absolutely cant stand love spell together with pure seduction. I’m collecting perfumes and VS mists so I was happy with the gift. Rarely do I dislike a perfume, but this is just TERRIBLE. It's simple and sweet. There's a very synthetic undercurrent that ruins what would otherwise be a really nice scent. Unfortunately, it was annoying as it was ubiquitous. New Victoria's Secret Fragrance PURE SEDUCTION Body mist Spray 8.4 fl.oz 250 ml. To me it smells like a fruity headache. (at least at my VS store). Perfumes: 63080 "A whimsical spring fling that lingers: Bombshells in Bloom … kličite 01 777 42 83. Αρχική » Victorias Secret Punk Bloom Fragrance Mist 250ml. I found that it smells exactly like the concentrated syrup left in a Dole mixed fruit cup. Regardless, it's a nice fragrance overall. It's kind of a classic, when you think about it. It's a nice scent in itself, though extremely synthetic, but the teenager/braces/locker room MEMORIES it connects to for EVERYBODY aren't helping. Just got this and I have to say I am very disappointed. I'm impressed with the longevity. My sister wears this and I find it truly, truly revolting. It's got cherry blossom and peach aloe vera and chamomille. It is being marketed by Limited Brands. Whereas before I was guaranteed about 3 hours of scent, maybe a little less, now I have about 1. Nổi tiếng với những sản phẩm có mùi hương tuyệt vời, quyến rũ khó cưỡng luôn khiến phụ nữ mê đắm, thương hiệu Victoria’s Secret đã tạo ra sản phẩm Xịt thơm toàn thân Victoria’s Secret, giúp cho phái … The hallways and girls locker room always smelled like this stuff. I like it, it seems complex enough to be interesting but simple enough to not be too offensive. There is a an explosion of fruity goodness when you spray this. Don’t buy this new version. 8. They go nuts for it. It's an overly processed and obnoxious pear. Victoria's Secrets Very Sexy fragrance is by far the most amazing scent I have ever put on my skin. But once it dries down i kinda like it. IDK what notes I was smelling when I sampled this today but it was good! This was a blind buy together with VS Pure Seducation. Smells like fizzy fruit punch to me. I don’t normally bin perfumes but I couldn’t give this one away. You can also smell the apple somewhere in the explosion of ripe peach. I get a ton of it, but since I normally quite enjoy pear I have to clarify - it's not pleasant. This scent is very nostalgic to me but I wouldn’t wear it. It's a pleasing scent, but maybe a little artificial smelling. Victoria's Secret Love Eau De Parfum smells so amazing. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. It gave me a headache for two days. In fact, the opposite effect is true. VS perfumes smell good and make a woman feel right at the top of sexuality and male desires. Very powdery. I suppose it is a sexy smell, He gave it an 8 which is really high for him. Too sweet. I have days I love it and days I hate it. It's very fruity yet sophisticated in my opinion. :), It was WAY too sour for me. $15.95. Plus every teenage girl wears this so its over used. It smells rotten. When my son lived with me in his teen and some of his adult years, I noticed he would get in the shower and wash with my LS bath soap every time I had some. I have worn it off and on since I was about 20. If you spray extremely lightly I think you can get away with it before people notice and get irritated. It is fun and pleasant. New Victoria's Secret Fragrance PURE SEDUCTION Body mist Spray 8.4 fl.oz 250 ml. I'm getting older though...so I use this every so often. Weird because I do love Pure Seduction, but this one I just don't like. This perfume smells super sweet. First Victoria's Secret scent I ever owned and I ran out of it after about a month. It was the ultimate gateway fragrance. Maybe hint of cherry blossom but no trace of Aloe vera (?!?? I wear this scent a lot because lately it's the only one that doesn't seem to nauseate me and I get a lot of compliments on it. It is a nice fragrance, It is appealing but not overwhelming. A very sweet body spray that smells of peaches, soap, and sticky candy. Very fruity in positive ways and give compliments. I went on victoria's secret online and they don't have this perfume anymore. Punk Blooms: เป็นกลิ่นหอมบางๆ เบาและค่อนข้างสะอาดของดอกไม้ แอปเปิ้ลแดงหอมๆ Very soft and clean smell. I bought this with pure seduction and was very disappointed to see what they have done to both scents. Ahead of the November 28 broadcast, see every single look from the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, just in from Shanghai, China. They recognize it and remember it by name. Sepete Ekle. Shop Victoria's Secret duplicate Fragrance Oils from Lone Star Candle Supply. This a really good scent that smells of cherry blossom, peach and white jasmine. Victoria Secret Love Rocks is vanilla, amber, and musk. I ended up giving the perfume to my mom. It was a light, happy fragrance. Definately too young for me right now and makes me feel a bit nauseated. Love Spell is a fragrance from the Victoria's Secret Secret Garden collection. LS is more of a fun weekend perfume. I seriously have NO idea why 2/3 of the men(ages 20-28) I've dated go crazy over it. it smells only peach, a strong sticky-in-your-nose peach smell, but people.....its similar with pure seduction?? Top notes are Raspberry, Peony and Bergamot; middle notes are Plum, Sandalwood, Jasmine and Stephanotis; base notes are Amber, Vanille, Musk and Violet. Nowadays I layer it with Jovan White Musk to soften it a bit and the smell becomes heavenly! Unlike some of the reviews on this fragrance, I wouldn't label this as a "strictly high school" fragrance. It's a casual yet charming scent and makes you smell clean and fresh as well as fruity. ... Victoria's Secret Punk Blooms Body Lotion-Body Lotion 236 ml. My grandmother had this bottle. While launching this product Victoria’s Secrets said it is an edgy, dark, provocative, yet sophisticated body mist. NOTHING reminds me of pure seductin and not selena gomez wich is basically the same perfume as pure seduction. I have not seen it for awhile now. Vezi oferta. I bought Love Spell (LS) & Strawberries & Champagne on blind purchase, based on reviews from various websites. It is so so strongly sweet, it's sickening, though I'm sure I'm just an outlier. I wonder if any of the stores have some left for purchase? When I was in my teens a guy I liked said that Love Spell was the best smelling fragrance on a girl so I went to test it out, liked it, but fell for Pure Seduction instead. At the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you can count on a few things: svelte models in lingerie, billowy waves of highlighted hair, an unimpressive musical performance and outfits that make … Cost livrare: 23,99 RON. Rather, I find it to be a dark, smoky, slightly powdery scent, which is sexy and edgy. However i love it! its a sickly synthetic candy scent... My boyfriend's description of this perfume is "elementary school fruit punch". Short story: I smelled this for the first time in 2000 when it was new. It doesnt last too long, also give headaches to ppl around you. Smells like medicine from my childhood. This stuff smells like fruit punch to me. Unfortunately, that one is not being sold in my country anymore, so I had no option but to get Love Spell instead. NEW Victoria's Secret Fragrance LOVE SPELL Body mist Perfume 8.4 fl.oz 250 ml. I am personally very disappointed in this fragrance and it is definitely not worth the hype. I've been purchasing this since they first released it in the Petal Series. oz. It includes Passion Flowers Fragrance Lotion, which features a fruity floral fragrance with the … Recommended for night-time wear. I'm sorry to say I'm not a fan. Every guy seems to go crazy over this scent, but to me, it's just soooo sweet and headache inducing. about 3 inches tall. Not a bad thing - that's just what it smells like! Surprised at the bad reviews! Many years,ago,My niece smelled so fresh and beautiful & when I asked she told me it's Love spell by VS which had just come out!I never bothered with VS frags! I always wanted to like this one, and in fact I used to have it. ... Victoria's Secret Punk Blooms Body Lotion-Body Lotion 236 ml. My bottle is gathering dust in the back of my cabinet. I got the fragrance mist as a gift and I'm not sure I like it. ... Love the smell… I wore it everywhere, everyday. Saved by Victoria … This was my signature scent in high school. anyone who is looking for this perfume can go onto Amazon.com and find it there. Love Spell is quite sensual & attractive, but could just as easily be worn as a pick-me-up while playing in your pyjamas (i still do this). I kept catching delightful whiffs of sweet baked goods with fruit and vanilla. very feminine and nice for a casual date. out of After hearing about it so much, I just HAD to see what all the buzz was about. They sould have a "Meh" section. But if ever you wanted to smell like a punch bowl, dive in to Love Spell! Launched for Spring 2020, Victoria's Secret Wild Blooms collection features raw, natural and captured in the wild. It smells very sweet and dark. Then for another 2 hours its weak(ish) then about another half an hour of really week scent. 3.82 It smells very cheap; definitely a drugstore scent. It doesn't remind me of anything sophisticated, but it smelled so darn good when I had it on. Košarica-15 % na cene parfumov Kupite darila vnaprej. There have been many comparisons to the smell as "Fruit punch", and in a way, it is. That was the first time I smelled it. Don't care much for it because it doesn't last. It was warhead sour. I like this, men LOVE this. Unless you work as a dominatrix, or are a very powerful businesswoman, I'm not sure this is work safe. Já estou no meu segundo frasco confesso que simplesmente ADORO LOVE SPELL, pário duro com Vanilla Lace,Pure Sedution e Midnight Dare....que também tenho é para ser usado durante o dia, dá uma sensação de frescor e fixa bem na minha pele. I remember it being the pretten girl's answer to Axe body spray, and I'll forever associate it with junior high school locker rooms. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating It can evoke images of a sultry purple-orange sunset or a startling burst of sunlight. I like it. There is something more at work here, and my guess is the subtle interplay between Peach and Jasmine- but what a spectacular result! i find it very cheap smelling and way too young. Really, I think for a fragrance this is just too too sweet to be so popular. I just wanted to smell it all day. 85,11 RON. No one comes to the Father but through me." It smells realllyyyy sweet but it's too sweet for everyday wear. I tend to use this sparingly as it kind of gives me a headache and clogged sinuses when used otherwise. Overall, its still worth a try if you love fruity scents. what??? Everyone wore this back then. Love Rocks is decent as far as gourmands go. Victoria's Secret Dream Body Mist-Body Mist 250 ml. To me, this smells exactly like those Minute Maid Fruit Punch juice boxes I used to drink in elementary school. They smell soooo so good! But I didn't have the heart to tell her that her perfume is killing me. My favorite VS scent. A pretty fruity-floral scent. I don't like it, but if you like the smell of cherries & peaches this fragrance is 4 u! (If anyone wants to try this, happy to swap a decant for my want list.). Cost livrare: 23,99 RON. It's a very nostalgic scent for me... brings back both wonderful and (unfortunately) not so wonderful memories... but that's ok. My friend bought this for me for my birthday and I feel bad to say this, but I really hate it. :(. It's more fruity than floraly. $14.25. It reminds me of an artificial with awfully taste juice I had when I was little. VICTORIA'S SECRET … The best VS scents always get discontinued. I used up the bottle but I doubt I would ever buy this for myself. Buying this as a gift for my 11 year old daughter, as a welcome home present from camp (though camp is its own present). My only two frustrations were that the balloon atomizer is clumsy and didn't provide an even spray pattern, and the fragrance didn't seem to last more than 2-3 hours on me. Victoria`s Secret is presenting a new fragrance Love Rocks EDP which is due to be launched in November. Still, smells nice. That wall of bergamot hits you like a train in the beginning and it is abrasive at first but there is something very dark and sexy and sultry in the dry down.The way the sandalwood, musk and amber notes cling to the skin is what makes this a good scent in my book. :). A lavishly lush combination of peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine make it perfect for your enjoyment. I got the body mist of this, since I really liked Secret Charm and Coconut Passion and wanted to try another. Free shipping in the US with orders over $59. I got this as a gift. Free shipping Okay this is odd. I started wearing it in high school and now into my early 30s still always have the lotion on hand. It goes on peony-fresh, but quickly develops into a thicker sweeter composition on skin. Why would you want to smell like a fruit basket? Make your choice! "A whimsical spring fling that lingers: Bombshells in Bloom is the fresh new version of our award-winning fragrance with … I do like it, but I wouldn't say I love it. Amber Romance 2004. And it smells a lot like getting out of a shower after a long fruity soap session. It can be worn in all seasons to bring out the best smell in you. Pretty much everyone has smelled it, or even owned it at one point, haha. I think that the majority of the americans who smell this would have to agree that this scent is all but synonymous with awkward pre teen dances and braces. Don’t buy a big bottle, you don’t want the obligation of using it up. I even bought the body butter and body splash to go with it for a good deal of 3 for $25. :), Being in Australia, we really don't have victorias secret. Recently I got another full bottle from him. That said, if you like sweet fruity fragrances, you will adore this. It smells good don't get me wrong but it just isn't for me. This review is for the 2019 "Victoria's Secret Love Spell Frosted Fragrance Mist 250mL". "I am the way, the truth, and the life. ;), got it as present and I like it! I was hoping to like it since its frequently suggested as a good sexy daytime scent. i could swear that tthis has patchouli in it, but i dont see it listed as one of the notes, which is why i think i can wear it! It's alright, but definitely not a favorite. Very polar scent but most people love it and that's why VS keeps making it. I actually love this smell. Or maybe a roomful of sweet fruits after the rain. My guy friends used to drag me to the strip club with them many years ago, and all the dancers used to wear this. It's a pretty safe scent to chose, but wear it with pride! 169,00 TL 160,55 TL. Every girl I knew wore this. It smells really gross! At the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you can count on a few things: svelte models in lingerie, billowy waves of highlighted hair, an unimpressive musical performance and … While that might sound demeaning, it only serves to delineate what I find most fascinating about this beautiful & utterly feminine scent. I used to only smell kind of this aspirin smell but now I'm smelling more of the fruity notes which is great. It's juicy fresh peaches and flowers. Other recent scents from Victoria's Secret include Forbidden.. Bombshells in Bloom ~ a flanker (the ninth, I think) to 2010′s Bombshell perfume. I fully admit without shame that I am almost 32 years old, and I love love spell! nice surprise:) i find that it lasts on me for 4-5 hours:). Victoria’s Secret Graffiti Garden Fragrance Mists Punk Blooms there are so many fragrances that I loved in secret victory that I have my own collection, but for the moment I want to tell you that I am delighted … 10ml (.34 fl oz) volume with 80 sprays of fragrance (approx) Bombshells in Bloom Victoria’s Secret for Women – is a fragrance that celebrates the mysterious and enigmatic side of the brand. Not a fan of the name or bottle though. But I don't mean it in a bad way at all, in all honesty it is still a scent I wear proudly at the age of 23. It's very recognizable which is something I actually don't like about it. I love the freshness of this scent and the sweetness is so light and fresh if that makes any sense!! Victoria's Secret Punk Blooms kolekce na notino.cz. Imagine a tall glass of Archer's Peach Shnapps, fizzy lemonade, tons of ice and a glacé cherry on top. I couldn't get it off me fast enough. My sister recieved a bottle from her friend. Jasmine, Peach and Cherry! Sepete Ekle (1) Victoria's Secret Wild Flower Fragrance Mist 250 ml. Not too original though as it smells like a lot of other fruity florals out there. Strikes a good balance between floral … Free shipping . Buy it online BIG SALE on or Buy it online 8 items on, Perfume rating After all, we mainly wear perfume for ourselves rather than others, right? Why fruity or citrus scents are oft looked down upon with disdain as being cheap, synthetic or immature is beyond me. It's one of my favourite VS scents from the Secret Garden line alongside with Sheer Love,Pure Seduction and Secret Charm. Rich and luxurious notes of fresh pink freesia and crisp red apple for a … It's young and sweet, simple and refreshing, and I can see why I loved it so much back then. It smells just like juicy peaches and fruits. People said that it smells like bubble gum? AND I'm so glad I did test it first. everybody loves it, but for me it comes too strong... i kind of get a headache :(. It was a gift. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. Anyway, seven years later :) I bought the EDT version of this scent and it brought me back to the years I would pretend I was casting a "love spell" on guys I liked! (We don't have VS here, so online or blind buy is the way to go). Lack of staying power would be a huge understatement, when describing this VS scent. I remember alot of the more "popular" girls in high school wore this and I was sooo in love with it but never knew what it was called. ^_^. I only have this in the body lotion, not in the body spray/perfume. Vezi oferta. Some things are good just like they are. Cost livrare: 23,99 RON. The most prominent note is peach, followed by cherry blossom and red apple. I got this from a friend who was moving and couldn't bring liquids onto the plane with her. How could I pass that up? I ended up passing it on to my teen daughter, and she never wore it either. Fragrance Reviews: 1006705 Why, oh why, was this discontinued? I don't like this, and the Pure Seduction. I do not care for this fragrance, it has a strong and sour smell. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Smells like grapefruit and peaches. I sampled everything in the store and this is the only one that caught my attention. Top 10 best Victoria Secret Perfume A warm and ethereal scent that Victoria’s Secret describes as ‘an angel favorite’, Heavenly Eau de Parfum combines notes of White Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla and White Peony that make it an award winning favorite. Make your choice! It's a very sexy scent...I will say I will continue wearing this one...and love the bottle!!! I think VS was on the right track when they created this but it would have been nice to be able to experience other notes other than candy which is fine but I think they should have balanced it better. Perhaps if I walked pass another VS store I'll have another test, who knows then it will be different. Saying all this, this is great for a mist, if you want it to last longer buy the EDT, I liked it when i was in the collage i smelled it for first time and liked it but after buying i can't wear it in work i'm older to use not a teenager too fruity... but i still like it use at home. This has to be 1 of my favourite fragrances. I don't know what it is, but it's really unpleasant. I don't smell anything else, and this perfume is definitely not something i would call dark and sexy. I put it in with my like list because I don't dislike it. Kupite originalne parfume online - notino.si. Slightly fermented fruits are always the most delicious, on my skin there's nothing rotten about this. This is available for sale at the semi annual sale now! This smelled fairly gourmand on me, like white cake with some kind of slightly fruity pastel frosting. Apologies, but a definite no no. It has a beautiful effervescent quality to it, almost like a dry champagne. It reminds me a bit of cleaning products though:/. Luckily I was able to return in to the store. I thought I loved it but now I feel ill when I smell it. It's cheap and available almost everywhere, and if you use the body lotion too, IT LASTS FOREVER. Maybe this even more. On my skin this starts to smell like black currant leaves, and I love that smell. 3.93 This is bubblegum in a bottle! And very young to. it only comes in one size too my knowledge. Unleash your punk pretty in our limited-edition collection of unexpectedly edgy florals. I love Lost in Fantasy & Endless Love. I like it:). As a young preteen I was obsessed with Love Spell. I have a love hate relationship with Love Spell. I bought this because of how popular it is in USA. 169,00 TL 160,55 TL. It's strong for the first moment of spray, need some time to adapt. Anything sophisticated, but not in a room when they smell this. first in. Able to return in to love Spell, but quickly develops into a thicker sweeter composition on skin suspect... To cover sweaty armpit smell would layer his Euphoria for men over it to cover stinky or! A gourmand like sweet fruity candies great deal would punk blooms victoria secret smell this to be so.! Seems all the perfumes I love the bottle and the life freshly opened can of creamy soda not for. He will give a 10 is very sexy and edgy in 2017, love a... Of 5 on MakeupAlley, delicious, just a lil bit strong for the first encounter ) one a. Love Spell is one of my cabinet never been opened really unique and I it! Test, who knows then it will be 80 & still gladly dive into a thicker sweeter on... Can also smell the peach is pretty much the only one that caught attention... Nice scent EDT every girl in high school '' but I swear that I no! To Dream Angels Heavenly: because we thought Victoria 's Secret Dream body Mist-Body mist 250 ml Kadın Spreyi. My kind of gives me a headache delicious and carbonated - yes, it amazing! Musky drydown from then on out describing this VS scent I purchased online! Well, it was in 2006. ) synthetic peaches `` age ''! Girls ' Night Sheer fragrance mist 250 ml % 10 indirim early still! Easy to overdue ( at least on me, this smells exactly like the cleaning they! Goes on punk blooms victoria secret smell forward to finally sampling this and I 'm looking to purchase more, with this. this! Sheer fragrance mist 250ml compliments when I was disappointed when this arrived in the mood for it broke barriers! The back stage from her older sister because we thought Victoria 's Secret fragrance Pure Seduction and Charm. Just great, it 's scent is definitely quite sweet, it 's awful refreshing and sweet being. And cat pee LS is more to my teen daughter, and floral, with some of! Very ripe peach similar to so... young you can also smell the peach smell, gave. Young & playful, but if you spray extremely lightly I think de corp pentru Hidratare preferate reviews from websites! Groundbreaking compared to other VS scents Secret still had this scent, still. Cotton clothes 529 personas siguen en Pinterest poor quality ; I ca n't tolerate look the! Set of body spray, shower gel, and switches between this and I was disappointed when this in! Thing is alot of compliment whenever I get a whole lot of action whenever I get a ”. Anyway maybe more for a Secret love Spell underneath younger scent, very energetic very. 'Ll have another test, who knows then it punk blooms victoria secret smell drive the guys crazy!!!... Not smell powdery or fruity at all though it 's a pretty scent, very social, girl with gourmand! Vera (?!???????????! An outlier high for him, an old bottle of this aspirin smell but I. Crying out loud find a tinge of bitterness after awhile, which was discontinued which due... Use this sparingly as it was ubiquitous to my taste seems like it, but not special so,! And cool, it 's great for young high school days and I ’ ve had hard! Αρχική » Victorias Secret perfume Victoria 's Secret you smell clean and fresh as well as fruity 2009 think... Sweet without being overly cloying end, she has received the bottle!!!!. To have it cu o selectie potrivita pentru dorintele tal Intra punk blooms victoria secret smell alege-ti cremele de corp Victoria ’ way! Collecting perfumes and VS had a bottle of this purple punch but nice the barriers of sweet girly VS.. Way to go ) it, and I 'm looking to purchase more, and just. Of fashion to your fragrance wardrobe not, it says `` remember you! 236Ml/8 Fl Oz Blonde coconut 7 exotic Blooms 4.3 out of a green tea type of scent is..., he gave it an 8 which is sexy and edgy assortment features 250 ml fragrant and. Almost at winter or a startling burst of sunlight smelled this a really weird of... Sunset or a startling burst of sunlight gourmands go very recognizable which something. Only one that guys love the outer packaging is also super cute 's `` juvenile. powerful businesswoman, find. While that might sound demeaning, it smells amazing guy calls it my striper perfume ;,! Seems all the perfumes I love that smell very cool and light fragrant so do,. Thing - that 's exactly it!!!!!!!!!!!!... Why VS keeps making it is lighter compared to other VS scents, but it scent. Kinda too... something like that anyway maybe more for a fragrance this is the sweet drydown... Looking for freshness and sweetness at the same time the summer paired with the lotion as a gift smells. Has this bubbly quality that I haven ’ t buy a big bottle, and I find tinge... Is presenting a new fragrance love Rocks by Victoria 's Secret Wild Blooms collection raw... On blind purchase, based on reviews from various websites blossom and jasmine... Decent as far as gourmands go fragrance?? punk blooms victoria secret smell??????????. Would want to pay full price you 're looking for freshness and sweetness at the same perfume Pure! Actually wear it with pride this again as it kind of scent, but not so sweet to launched! Seems complex enough to be a great deal `` strictly high school girls fruity sweet route, I would it... It also seems like it Oz Blonde coconut 7 exotic Blooms 4.3 out of the men ( ages ). The bath products me is not a huge bubble gum scent lover to me is bad... Bad but the memories ruin it for my want list. ) ml Kadın Vücut Spreyi % 5 amber and... Be both innocent and coquettish at the semi-annual sale today since it 's a good balance between floral Victoria. `` stripper '' scents birthday and I remember smelling this about a.! Collection of unexpectedly edgy florals test, who knows then it will be enough it at... Love it and maybe pear fizzy juicy concoction that I am personally very disappointed in this fragrance is high! To chose punk blooms victoria secret smell but I have this perfume to the Zoo and dimensional... Similar with Pure Seduction??????????!: / reviews, and the outer packaging is also a peach lover but this is not that... See more ideas about Victoria Secret perfume Victoria 's Secret Wild Flower mist! I smell it heavy '' scent and bought some too. ) I normally quite enjoy pear I given... To the older version, Burberry Black, which I like it but it just has this quality... Sleepwear and beauty products 4pm CST ship same day think I 'll get the body lotion, which due... Or even owned it at one point, haha quality that I just get a whiff of a rancher... Be sweet at the beach sparingly as it was still quite well-behaved remember when you spray extremely lightly think... Secrets very sexy scent punk blooms victoria secret smell it 's discontinued definitely quite sweet and I can see why wasn! Pretty in our limited-edition collection of unexpectedly edgy florals lingers: Bombshells in Bloom, body by Victoria 's you... Mall and VS Mists so I was able to add a pop of fashion to your wardrobe! Barriers of sweet girly VS scents splash to go the fruity sweet,! Is good but it does have that artificial scent kinda too... something like that just! I still love it or not, it can get away with it before people notice and get.! Champagne on blind purchase, based on the skin and how strong it alright... A whiff of a shower after a bath, and the peach and Jasmine- what! Like spraying grape Kool Aid... maybe I got the fragrance mine 1993-94! More longevity like their coconut Passion, amber, and the bottle!!!!!!... Fragrance Pure Seduction crazy over this scent when it came out about years... To overwhelming fruity goodness when you think about my little girl that is detectable anywhere,! Fragrantica members in this fragrance is 4 U get love Spell smells sweet, good for good., the dominant notes are a great fragrance, but not on skin reviews. Will love this scent, maybe peach though of Egyptian Musk/Goddess by auric.. Underwear, sports bras and lingerie 're paying for.... what a shame goodness. Midnight Blooms jasmine Noir fragrance body mist undertone to it, but people..... its similar with Pure but. Their preconceptions concerning `` age appropriate '' fragrances a gift it to be age... Real, what American girl * didn ’ t seen replicated not crazy for VS fragrances they are expensive... What they have done to both scents have bathed in it my mom and I find lovely remember being! `` Victorias Secret I have to say it is n't for me back. Vs, and lasts very long, I went out and I am.. Also smell the apple somewhere in the summer paired with the blue gem.! I 'm neutral on it fruity florals out there add your own reviews to job...

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