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Sizes 14" wide tree width only, 15", 16" regular and wide tree widths. • It has a cut close contact feel. With pencil knee rolls. Dressage saddles feature a range of knee roll sizes and padding. 7. Once again, to get an accurate measurement about the best sizes for yourself, the best thing to do is to sit in a good-fitting saddle, then do the measurements. You’ll also find plenty of choices of classic leather saddles and easy-care synthetic saddles to suit any budget. The ideal saddle for young riders - combining quality, style, and affordability. 30cm – medium. These items sell separately for about 900.00. The flap extends forward at the same angle (about 45 degrees) as No. This gives the "soft and grippy" feel. Stubben Deep Seat Roxane VSS. The innovative mono flap design ensures unrivalled close contact, connection and rider customisation by utilising the benefits of the FlexiContourbloc and Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bars. SE04. Stubben. Sit in the same size of a variety of different styles and brands of saddles and you'll find significant differences in the fit. Killington, made by Saddler’s Bench. SilverFox All Purpose Pad Flap Saddle is considered a standard tree saddle for beginners and experienced riders alike. 26 | SADDLE FIT FOR RIDER AND HORSE 28cm – narrow. The shoulder and loin areas should not carry any weight of the saddle and rider)? Saddle No. Factors in saddle fit for a rider include the following: Pommel/Cantle height : the cantle should be slightly higher than the pommel, so the seat is not too far back (which would tip the rider backward and force the lower legs forward). Mostly any quality dressage saddle can be ordered with a shorter flap; sometimes this option costs more, and sometimes not – depends on the saddle company. The seat, panels and flaps of the saddle are all available separately, so you can easily change component parts. Mono-flap: Saddle with one single flap (see photo above); knee / thigh / calf blocks can be external or on a modified sweat flap. It provides the rider with an optimum close contact feel for the leg, freedom of movement, and gravity center according to his riding style. The flat seat single-flap saddle is designed for cross-country riding. Package Includes:Saddle, Bridle, Saddle Pad, Girth, Irons, and Leathers. To determine the width of your horse or pony’s . Saddles are also manufactured with different flap lengths to accommodate riders of different sizes. 6. Horse saddles come in different types with a variety of shapes, sizes and designs for different equestrian disciplines. Saddle Size Chart - Back Width. back, lay your shaped flexicurve on top of this guide. Once you have these measurements, find yourself a fitting saddle will be much easier. 3's, making the seat a bit deeper overall. Common adult seat sizes are 1 6 inches, 16.5 inches, 17 inches, 17.5 inches and 18 inches, t hough some saddles are available in both smaller and larger sizes. To be honest the scale of the flaps dont make that lots distinction. • The Ghost has more of a “twist” to the seat than other treeless saddles which means you feel less wide at the hips. Buy online your professional equipment and high-end design made in the best French leathers. Discover our range adapted to each equestrian discipline: show jumping, dressage, cross country Choose black or dark brown. Item #TO3C - Tolga 17.5 Long/Forward Flap, (Made in Brussels, Compares to French Brands), Great Saddle for Taller Rider, New and Unused, 2018, Tree for TB Type, Retail up to $3,000 range, Champagne Taste/Beer Budget Unicorn * Stirrup leather length: shortest length < longest length XS = 13.3inch < 20inch S = 18.7inch < 21.8inch M = 20.5inch < 24inch L = 22inch < 25inch May also be ordered as the saddle only. For the first time one can buy a traditional looking saddle and by buying different components, alter all of its’ characteristics to suit different horses, riders and disciplines. There are many different English riding disciplines, such as show jumping, endurance riding and dressage to name a few, that require variations in saddle design to meet the needs of a particular discipline. • Adjustable, customisable panels protect the horse’s spine and distribute weight for many levels and types of riding. Collegiate "Undergrad" Close Contact Junior w/ Suede Padded Flap Saddle Collegiate "Undergrad" Close Contact Saddle. When we ride with long stirrups, the saddle's balance point should be just behind the stirrup bars. as an occasion, leaping saddles have shorter flaps, dressage saddles have particularly long flaps. English saddles are the primary saddles used in English riding disciplines worldwide. (The SSA is the area between the base of the withers and the 18th thoracic vertebra – where the ribcage ends. Voltaire also created . below the end of the large saddle flaps • Correct Plane and even re-flocking For this purpose the panel has to be separated from the upper part of the saddle • Generally speaking There is no set period after which a saddle has to be re-flocked. WOW is the worlds first modular saddle. A specifically designed saddletree accommodates the broader backed horse such as Arabians, Morgan’s and Cob types it has also proved successful with m For you, the rider: Ultra Close Contact, Comfort, Position and Communication The innovative mono flap … Available in Regular or Wide Tree. A modern jumping saddle fully customized for both horse and rider. Sizes 16 and 19 are expected in the Spring of 2015. Flap Sizes. Semi-custom monoflap jumping saddle with a semi-deep seat. The Style Dressage/GPD/GPJ/Jump) will be stamped in gold or silver foil on the buckle To measure the width of the saddle flap, measure horizontally across the widest part of the flap. Sizes: 16"-18.5" Colors: Available in Dark Brown or tobacco color. The saddle is an essential piece of equipment required for riding. In addition, some dressage saddles offer thigh blocks of various sizes with and without adjustment. The deep seat Butet is about equivalent to a half-deep in CWD or Devoucoux. The seat provides great balance and grip, making this saddle ideal for cross-country. Leather: Available in French and Italian leather with optional Nubuck seat. Sold as a complete saddle package for $4500.00 this price includes saddle, bridle, girth, stirrup leathers and saddle pad. • The thigh rolls offer support and rider security without getting in the way. The Model will be stamped into the leather of the flap on each side of the saddle, just below the stirrup leather loop. Chestnut brown leather. As a general rule of thumb, a small adult will ride in a 16 to 16.5 inch saddle. The shape of a dressage saddle's flap is quite straight due to the deep leg position we need for dressage. Suede padded Flap. Deep Seat and Half Deep Seat Saddles have 7 available widths: 27cm – extra narrow. My usual fashion history sleuthing came up empty as to the origins of the saddle shoe design. The Ellipse™ Mono Flap Dressage saddle is a “New Model” to join our Ellipse™ Dressage Range a firm favorite with riders since our first model launched over 25 years ago. Flap length alterations with saddle use. 32cm – wide. Pretty common on older models of dressage saddles, now rarely seen (except on the Bates and Wintec Isabell). Fully customized seat and flap length at no extra cost. In reality, seat size is just one factor determining the fit of a western saddle. 3's. Broad choice of flap sizes, numerous technical options. The inspiration can be seen in the graphic design with the now iconic asymmetrical flap that is reminiscent of a saddle shape. So, we have done our best to help you decode some tree sizes for some of our most popular saddle brands. Rider balance and the stirrup bar: Rider balance has a tremendous amount to do with the performance of a competition saddle. The Pegasus Butterfly saddle alone is $3995.00 Sizes 17 and 18 are usually in-stock. You might find that a 14 1/2-inch Circle Y barrel racing saddle fits well, but that you need a 15-inch in a Dale Martin ranch saddle. Its deep seat is supple and comfy. HOW TO IDENTIFY BALANCE SADDLES CURRENT MODELS –Zenith, Felix, Matrix, Nexus, Xtreme, Equinox, Horizon and in the Junior range - Robin, Wren and Bug. From US$ 6,450 . Line up the centre with the red cross and draw along the inside of the arch, continuing 6” (15cms) down each side in the colour coded areas at either end of the chart. the way the saddle fits your horses back is somewhat significant, as getting one the incorrect length might reason lameness and supply your horse a sore back. This a Cross country saddle - Mono Flap. The second saddle is a Trumbull Mtn. The Signature mono-flap is perfect for jumping. Its magnetic 'D' is influenced by stirrup clasps, while the signature 'CD' on each side makes the design distinctively Dior. The saddle in the first photo (and the article header photo) is a Black Country Equinox. Both flat work and jumping can be correctly performed with this saddle. Saddle Length: Does your saddle sit in the saddle support area? 2 years limited warranty on the leather. There can be minor color variation on the leather from sweat, rain, or general wear, often on the flaps but usually on the seat and panels. What we do know is that it was initially a sport shoe designed for men. 5 years limited warranty on the tree. A very popular forward seat saddle for the rider just starting out featuring a deep seat, round cantle, knee roll, and padded suede insert flaps. 4 is a modern close-contact jumping saddle. The Voltaire saddle also comes in a variety of panel, flap and seat sizes. 29cm – medium narrow. Premium leather. Having debuted in 1999, the Dior Saddle bag takes its cues from the equestrian world. These options offer the rider the freedom of choosing a saddle … Flap strap: The strap on the bottom of the flap, either buckles to the girth or to itself. Voltaire Design custom saddles. Pricing starts at: $5750 for calf/grained $6100 for calf/grained with integrated panels $6300 for premium calf $6400 for premium calf with integrated panels $600 extra for wool option Please contact us for a fitting 434-989-8803 Butets comes in whole sizes only, with standard or forward flaps (designated as .5), various flap lengths (0 being short, 1 standard, 2 long, and 3 extra long), and flat (P) or deeper (L) seats. Buffalo hide wear strip also available. Saddles are available with grain, calf or buffalo flaps, with the calf and buffalo options having an thin layer of foam sandwiched between the flap layers. Butet Deep seat saddle from 16-18 inches. The balance point is back where it needs to be for show-jumping and the cantle is as much as an inch higher than No. It comes in 14, 15, 17, 18 and 19 sizes. Most of the saddles we sell have different flap sizes available. Golfers, in particular, picked up on the two tone color scheme and incorporated it with their uniforms starting around 1910 and lasting well beyond the ’20s and ’30s. SilverFox All Purpose Pad Flap Saddle has a 7-inch gullet though some sellers say the pad is flat to call a specific area the gullet. Saddles in this category will typically have light to moderate rubs on the flaps from boots and stirrup leathers, usually with more rubbing toward the bottom of the flaps. Saddles Saddles for jumping and dressage come in all sizes and styles to suit riders of all sport horse disciplines, ages, builds and preferences. The flaps on the RUIZ DIAZ saddles possess different size options, according to the height of the rider and length of his legs. 31cm – medium wide. It provides comfort and security to the rider, allowing them to maintain a balanced position on their horse.

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