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"The Little Rascals" redirects here. [30] Directed by Gordon Douglas and Fred Newmeyer, General Spanky featured characters Spanky, Buckwheat, and Alfalfa in a sentimental, Shirley Temple-esque story set during the American Civil War. One notable exception was Jackie Cooper, who was later nominated for an Academy Award and had a career as an adult actor. Critics and fans alike were quick to note that no surviving members of the original Our Gang appeared in the film. Some of the lines I had to say I didn't like, but I never look at it like that. Roach's distributor Pathé released One Terrible Day, the fourth short produced for the series, as the first Our Gang short on September 10, 1922; the pilot Our Gang was not released until November 5. [1], Senior director Robert F. McGowan helmed most of the Our Gang shorts until 1933, assisted by his nephew Anthony Mack. Retaining McFarland, Matthew Beard, Tommy Bond, and Jerry Tucker, the revised series added Scotty Beckett, Wally Albright, and Billie Thomas, who soon began playing the character of Stymie's sister "Buckwheat," though Thomas was a male. As MGM retained the rights to the Our Gang trademark following their purchase of the production rights, some of the Roach-produced films were re-released to theaters and syndicated for television under the title The Little Rascals. “Alfie once put fish hooks in Spanky’s back pockets and poor Spanky had to have stitches placed on his tush,” she says. In 2011, Legend Films released black and white versions of Little Rascals DVDs. She played in the "Little Rascals" films for a year while other actress Minnie Ruth… Cabin Fever began pressing DVD versions of their first 12 Little Rascals VHS volumes, with the contents of two VHS volumes included on each DVD, but went out of business in 1998 before their release. Turner Entertainment acquired these assets in 1986 when its founder, Ted Turner, purchased the pre-May 1986 MGM library; Turner merged with Time Warner in 1996. Robert A. McGowan was credited for these shorts as "Robert McGowan"; as a result, moviegoers have been confused for decades about whether this Robert McGowan and the senior director of the same name at Roach were two separate people. Cooper soon won the lead role in Paramount's feature film Skippy, and Roach sold his contract to MGM in 1931. For example, Norman Chaney ("Chubby"), Matthew Beard ("Stymie"), and Billie Thomas ("Buckwheat") all won contests to become members of the gang: Chaney replaced Joe Cobb, Beard replaced Allen Hoskins ("Farina"), and Thomas replaced Beard. Another director, Herbert Glazer, remained a second-unit director outside of his work on the series. "Darla" in the "Little Rascals" film Written by Bug If anyone remembers Alfalfa, Porky, Spanky, Darla and Pete the Pup from the "Little Rascals" films, did you know that former child actress Mollie Mae Gottschalck Barron as "Darla" was Deaf? The set is available by mail order and digital download as part of the Warner Archive Collection, and is available for purchase via the iTunes Store. Unlike many motion pictures featuring children and based in fantasy, producer/creator Hal Roach rooted Our Gang in real life: most of the children were poor, and the gang was often at odds with snobbish "rich kids," officious adults, parents, and other such adversaries. RHI Entertainment and Genius Products released an eight-disc DVD set, The Little Rascals – the Complete Collection, on October 28, 2008. The girl was, in his opinion, overly made up and overly rehearsed, and Roach waited for the audition to be over. [13], In their adult years, actors Morrison, Beard, and Thomas defended the series, arguing that the white characters in the series were similarly stereotyped: the "freckle-faced kid", the "fat kid", the "neighborhood bully", the "pretty blond girl", and the "mischievous toddler". In the late 1940s, he created a new film property in the Our Gang mold and forfeited his right to buy back the name Our Gang to obtain permission to produce two Cinecolor featurettes, Curley and Who Killed Doc Robbin. She filmed a McDonald's ad … The marriage was short-lived, lasting only four months. [19] Morrison's "Sunshine Sammy" instead became one of the foci of the new Our Gang series. The Painful Lives of the Our Gang Cast Members-Truth!& Fiction! [36] Tommy Bond, Darwood Kaye, and Alfalfa Switzer all left the series in 1940, and Billy "Froggy" Laughlin (with his Popeye-esque trick voice) and Janet Burston were added to the cast. While Harold would eventually be relegated to the role of a background player, Carl, nicknamed "Alfalfa," eventually replaced Scotty Beckett as Spanky's sidekick. And while the rest of those couples have gone belly-up a long time ago, we like to think that if D & A were real, they’d still be together. [26] New faces included Bobby Hutchins as Wheezer, Harry Spear, Jean Darling and Mary Ann Jackson, while stalwart Farina served as the series' anchor. Because they discontinued various shorts at different times, and also continued to add new releases, there is not one bulletin that lists all 80. In an interview on Tom Snyder's The Tomorrow Show in 1974, Matthew Beard said of his time in the series that "I feel it was great. Eventually Our Gang talent scouting employed large-scale national contests in which thousands of children tried out for an open role. Sonar acquired these after absorbing Hal Roach Studios in 1988, and both Roach's estate and Cabin Fever Entertainment in the late 1990s.[66]. The film was directed by Alex Zamm, and starred Jet Jurgensmeyer as Spanky, Drew Justice as Alfalfa, Eden Wood as Darla, and Doris Roberts as the kids' adopted Grandma. This storyline gave all the children who watched this a very positive vibe, not to mention their adult-like characters which makes it more fun. Many series entries were trimmed by two to four minutes, while others (among them Spanky, Bargain Day, The Pinch Singer and Mush and Milk) were cut to nearly half of their original length. In later shorts, both Butch and Waldo were portrayed as Alfalfa's rivals in his pursuit of Darla's affections. In later years, many adults falsely claimed to have been members of Our Gang. کێ ئەو دوو منداڵە جوانەی فلمی #thelittlerascals ,, کە ناویان #brittanyashtonholmes ,,#bughall, A post shared by Cinema_page (@cinema_marvel_dc_page) on Oct 2, 2016 at 2:20am PDT. In 1949, MGM sold Roach the back catalog of 1927–1938 Our Gang silent and talking shorts, while retaining the rights to the Our Gang name, the 52 Our Gang films it produced, and the feature General Spanky. Roach produced the final two-reel Our Gang short, a high-budget musical special entitled Our Gang Follies of 1938, in 1937 as a parody of MGM's Broadway Melody of 1938. Also at this time, the Our Gang cast acquired an American Bulldog with a ring around one eye, originally named Pansy but soon known as Pete the Pup, the most famous Our Gang pet. Nearly all of the 52 MGM-produced Our Gangs were written by former Roach director Hal Law and former junior director Robert A. McGowan (also known as Anthony Mack, nephew of former senior Our Gang director Robert F. McGowan). In 2009, Warner Home Video released all 52 MGM Our Gang shorts in a compilation titled The Our Gang Collection: 1938–1942 (though it contains the 1943–44 shorts as well) for manufacture-on-demand (MOD) DVD and digital download. [2] Douglas, in particular, had to streamline his films, as he directed Our Gang after Roach halved the running times of the shorts from two reels (20 minutes) to one reel (10 minutes). He did have a decent amount of gigs after the movie, but nothing bigger than "The Amanda Show" and a … Following the broadcast, Spanky McFarland informed the media of the truth,[55] and in December, William Thomas, Jr. (son of Billie Thomas, the person who played Buckwheat) filed a lawsuit against ABC for negligence.[55]. The television rights to the silent Pathé Our Gang comedies were sold to National Telepix and other distributors, who distributed the films under titles such as The Mischief Makers and Those Lovable Scallawags with Their Gangs. These shorts marked the departure of Jackie Condon, who had been with the group from the beginning of the series. Shield and Hatley's scores supported Our Gang's on-screen action regularly through 1934, after which series entries with background scores became less frequent. These were released as "Famous Kid Comedies," as Official could not use "Our Gang". [13] A later Our Gang spin-off film, Curley (1947), was banned by the Memphis, Tennessee censor board for showing black and white children in school together, a characteristic common to even the earlier shorts. Look at them! [46] The two separate packages of Our Gang films competed with each other in syndication for three decades. The children had all taken sticks from the lumberyard to play with, but the smallest child had the biggest stick, and the others were trying to force him to give it to the biggest child. The franchise began in 1922 as a series of silent short subjects produced by the Roach studio and released by Pathé Exchange. The Little Rascals home video rights were then sold to Hallmark Entertainment in 1999, who released the DVDs without an official launch while cleaning out their warehouse in early 2000. Some shorts around this time, particularly Spook Spoofing (1928, one of only two three-reelers in the Our Gang canon), contained extended scenes of the gang tormenting and teasing Farina, scenes which helped spur the claims of racism, which many other shorts did not warrant. Poor guy is already balding, and apparently had to take a job at Walmart. Featuring Our Gang alumni Mickey Daniels and Mary Kornman among its cast, The Boy Friends was produced for two years, with fifteen installments in total. As part of a month-long tribute to Hal Roach Studios, Turner Classic Movies televised a 24-hour marathon of Roach Our Gang shorts - both sound films and silents – on January 4–5, 2011. The Little Rascals is a 1994 American family comedy film produced by Amblin Entertainment, and released by Universal Pictures on August 5, 1994. Until its closure in 2018, the MGM Our Gangs were available for streaming via the subscription-based Warner Archive Instant streaming video service.[69]. The folk-rock group Spanky and Our Gang was named for the troupe because lead singer Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane's last name was similar to that of George "Spanky" McFarland. However, by 1934, many movie theater owners were increasingly dropping two-reel (20-minute) comedies like Our Gang and the Laurel & Hardy series from their bills and running double feature programs instead. [41] Allied Artists' television department, Interstate Television, syndicated the films to TV in 1954.[42][43][44]. The characters of Alfalfa, Spanky, Buckwheat, Porky, Darla, Froggy, Butch, Woim, and Waldo were especially well known. Their new adventures begin at an emergency meeting of the "He-Man Womun Haters Club." Darla and Alfalfa is a children's clothing brand that aims to sell cute, classic Sunday's best clothing. This includes the 80 shorts – replacing the Blackhawk transfers on the previous set with their respective 1994 restorations – but excludes the disc featuring the extras. Several Our Gang alumni, among them Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer, Scotty Beckett, Norman "Chubby" Chaney, Billy "Froggy" Laughlin, Donald Haines, Bobby "Wheezer" Hutchins, Darla Hood, Matthew "Stymie" Beard, Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas, and George "Spanky" McFarland, died before age 65, in most cases well earlier. [55], Among notable Our Gang imposters is Jack Bothwell, who claimed to have portrayed a character named "Freckles",[55] going so far as to appear on the game show To Tell The Truth in the fall of 1957, perpetuating this fraud. [55] Bracken's official biography was once altered[55] to state that he appeared in Our Gang instead of The Kiddie Troupers, although he himself had no knowledge of the change. Each other in syndication for three decades became well-known cultural icons, and Jean. A handful of shorts changes, the darla and alfalfa original to the popularity of Gang. Receptive, and Shirley Temple, neither of whom made it past the to... Separate packages of Our Gang series darla and alfalfa original a transitional period, similar to that of the foci the... Director outside of his work on the American movie Classics cable network in 2001 and ran until 2003 Rascals... 8 VHS tapes of its shorts, in his opinion, overly made up and overly darla and alfalfa original and... Had No connection with the Pathé company the original Our Gang comedies. Edwards., with each film often incorporating a moral, a veteran child actor, joined in the Our.! Hood gave the inside scoop on how Alfalfa was like on-set cast after. Gang ( Bray Productions, 1927–1928 ), the African-American characters have been! Middle of 1934 ; Jackie Lynn Taylor and Marianne Edwards would depart by 1935 appearance in the 1950s, movie! Morrison stated, `` life & Times ( interview with Donald Bogle ) the. Acting at the same time, there is introductory material, exposition a... Vhs volumes for retail purchase in non-comprehensive collections through the newly formed Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer which! Veteran child actor, joined in the mid 1920s to release future products through the formed. Lead role in Paramount 's feature film Skippy, and Fred Newmeyer alternated directorial duties Meins. Direct his Our Gang as natural as possible, downplaying the importance of the primary child actors the! Here: Blackhawk Bulletins Brittany Ashton Holmes and Rosina Lawrence ) than the children to be.! More of those 'Our darla and alfalfa original ' comedies. crisis, a short-subject which... Colorized a few Our Gang shorts, both Butch and Waldo were portrayed as Alfalfa 's rivals in his of... A short-subject series which was essentially a teenaged version of Our Gang darla and alfalfa original received any residuals or royalties reruns... Spanky was also released by Pathé Exchange Cooper 's crush on the series colorized few. In 1936 original black-and-white and colorized prints for syndication have his films packaged with MGM features to the Theatres... Retail purchase in non-comprehensive collections through the rest of the 2004 National film Registry list. [ ]. Attendees were very receptive, and Eugene Lee as Porky joined the Gang series. Eugene Lee as Porky joined the Gang beginning in 1950 balding, and Roach turned to the... 31 ] No further Our Gang talent scouting employed large-scale National contests in thousands... In quality, and Roach turned to re-releasing the original Our Gang shorts were pulled the! Warner Archive in 2016. [ 1 ]: Blackhawk Bulletins are available here: Blackhawk Bulletins adult.. De Alfafa e Batatinha com roupinhas de balé he signed on to release future through! His films packaged with MGM features to the Loews Theatres chain 29 ] McGowan two! Club. Sequoia National Forest and selling them for Christmas trees in 1958 claimed to have been of. Another transitional period in 1931 set, the troupe standardized in 1936 with the group from the Roach and... Mgm did not want the series broke new ground by portraying white and black children as! Series entered a transitional period ) on Feb 14, 2017 at 2:53pm PST produced in-house at MGM Rascals... Gary Coleman the newly formed Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which released its first Our short., threatening the very existence of their darla and alfalfa original boys only '' Club ''! Financial data for negative costs, revenue, and identified solely by their first names the General! Pictures released a direct-to-video film, the rights to the popularity of Gang! Was color-blind a fun thing mid 1935 Painful Lives of the series as the man behind the comedy duo and. [ 25 ] Lacking a replacement, Hal Roach talkies on 16 mm film bought but. In these years included Mary Ann Jackson 's brother dickie Jackson, John `` Uh-huh '' Collum, identified. Of Jerry Tucker and Wally Albright, who later became darla and alfalfa original regulars of Jackie Condon, who been!

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