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Keep your religious beliefs and scowling attitudes to yourself and your community members. Browse photos, see new properties, get open house info, and research neighborhoods on Trulia. No, that would be Muslim and this is Jewish. Search and filter Kiryas Joel homes by price, beds, baths and property type. I dont see any kiddush hashem here, sorry.”. Read the article, dude. Do not litter, take your trash with you or dispose of properly. Theyre just asking. I imagine they already get a lot of strange looks because of their customs and dress. This is just a simple request, not a command. You might need to put it on so the aliens don’t dig into your head. Good grief people! View the profiles of people named Kiryas Joel. It seems like a polite request, redsfan. It’s getting old. Maybe CBS can do a study on the amazing support structure that these people have created where if someone has fallen on hard times practically everyone will rise up and contribute time and money to making sure that person can get back on their feet. Change language ... United Talmudical Academy, the largest of three Hasidic school systems serving roughly 14,500 children in and around Kiryas Joel. It’s just a sign on private property. 51 Forest Road P.O. give me a break Yonason- in your twisted world ANYONE who says anything not in line with your Jewish view is anti-Semitic. At least in this one, people are hard-pressed to figure out who to sue. I think you shoudl read the US fondting documents. What’s more than necessary? its simply a request ..nothing more GOSH get over it !!! I had the pleasure of knowing one of the great orthodox Rabbis of America; this wonderful man was a student of the highly regarded Rabbi of the last century, the Chofetz Haim. A stalemate. If I came to you to tell you about Jesus Christ who loves you you would probably tell me off in your own way…but I have that right according to the civil right! Yo, we got that covered already, see U.S. Constitution, Amendment 1 “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,” oh btw, wrong religion they’re Hasidic Jews, they may make you feel bad but they are not mercenary and do not believe in conversations, so ya safe from them. I live in an upscale mostly white community. Non-compliance is met with a scowl vice a stoning. but the mentch thing to do is, when someone comes into the community dressed in a way that might offend the community’s standards, someone should offer a shawl or coat so that the guest is welcome in the way our forefather Abraham taught us and politely request the honored guest put on the covering. It worked pretty well in keeping behaviors within acceptable bounds. If you do not like the town of KJ, then why go there? why can u get summonsed for doing that ? Then they took our clothes and stuffed us into ovens or they shot us lke diseased animals. Check the source citations for verification…. What is so wrong about a town that expresses a preference for modesty and wishes to curtail crass, rude behavior? Unbelievable. The town has no way to enforce these requests. We have separation of church and state in the US, clown, and that means that no religious leader, or follower, can tell us how to dress. Your rights are not abused here people.. YOU still have the right to NOT go there.. You’re right Lisa! It is just a fact these days that the patterns in life which indicate a person’s world view have become quite distinct. This same sect sponges off of the state of Israel, also. I see no difference. “I feel like my constitutional rights are being violated.”. Then you’d have been ranting about Shaira law being imposed in America. Wake Up – Please run, don’t walk, to your nearest mental health professional. What is worse than a bigot is a race, religion or group that declares any action or word off limits for those that are not of that race, religion or group……. Your comment is silly and uncalled for. No one’s takin away your rihts. Also, I’ll bet that your reaction would be different if it had been a Muslim community. Search. You’re free to ignore it to no legal consequence. Good G_d! Feel free to ignore it. And nobody stops Hasidic Jews from beating up women in Israel if they don’t comply. If you don’t like it, don’t go there. I think that people being offended by overt modesty is telling. Welcome to AMERICA if you want to be “back home” then go there if it’s so great. I disagree with your assertion the Rabbi or anyone else would protest outside any store for being rude. Besides, I thought liberalism would allow for a group of people to gather together and implement rules for themselves? What sounds bigoted and full of venom is your response that, no doubt, states that the beliefs and values of others are vacuous, void of substance.”. And you others who pontificate on your supposed constitutional rights to dress like a dirtbag: please read the damn Constitution first, if you indeed are able. !” HA! Yes EWagner635, they did ask us to remove our kippas and shave. Apparently, ignorance amongst people who squawk about the Constitution and Bill of Rights is something to be proud of. It makes this request seem like a great idea. Always keep covered up for God. Tolerance means to put up with something, you don’t have to like it, or even approve of it, just tolerate it. The wording is polite, and there is no threat of enforcement. As a girl raised in the deep south Bible belt, I can relate. Forgot your password? Well yes, there are many problems, but I don’t buy the “make it go away with bigger problems” routine”. Maybe, maybe, that comparison would hold water if the town weren’t funded by the rest of the county, but it is. You are simply being asked to respect the local culture. This site was opened to expose the corrupted and fraudulent actions of the religiously controlled Kiryas Joel Village, NY. And by the way Mr. Appaled, there are two L’s in “appalled”. The difference here is that the “group” as you called it doesn’t own the town. If it were a muslem community, I wouldn’t want to go there. GMO foods are being introduced to give you drugs in the food. True. @ Dave C – THEY’RE NOT IMPOSING ANYTHING! You obviously haven’t been around here for the past 20 months..NO HE CAN’T…do anything worthwhile. Glenda said: “I agree with robthomaseyes comment. Talk about “learnin somethin.”. Thank God most true religions recognize how filthy just looking at the human body can be. There is all the difference in the world between a person or organization ASKING you politely to respect their customs and a group or, worst yet, govt forcing you to do it under penalty of torture or death! Are you really ‘Embarrassed to be a Jew? WOW!!! The hasidic jews are just asking nicely. There is no law or penalty. The whole idea here in AMERICA is that it’s a melting pot, not segregated, that means we ALL have to get along, not just the ones that are “special interests” . Start the day smarter. KIRYAS JOEL, N.Y. (CBS 2) — You may never see a more unusual “Welcome” sign in Orange County. In no way does this article have anything at all to do with the Holocaust, but thank for you attempting to make EWagner a Nazi. Its a public property. For example, if you believe in global warming than you are also likely to be pro abortion pro redefining marriage generally pro bigger government in most every area of life (although you never want to admit that…but it’s true) and less likely to go to church and believe that the bible is word of God, and so on. KIRYAS JOEL, N.Y. (CBS 2) — You may never see a more unusual “Welcome” sign in Orange County. No one is forcing you to dress that way, nor to convert to their religion. You’d be made to feel *uncomfortable*??!? It is a REQUEST. YOU, however, sound like you would protest and file suit insisting your rights had been violated. On 7/14/1988, a category F3 (max. And please stop the “poor little picked-on me” persecution complex BS. Me too but only to a certain point. According to 2008 census figures, the village has the highest poverty rate in the nation. A large new sign greets visitors as they cross over Route 17 on Forest Avenue and enter a world where the skirts and shirt sleeves are always long, regardless of the season. Comments like…”This is just Shariah Law of the Jewish” are stupid. Well, we can’t be denying people their Constitutional right to be comfortable, can we? So it really needs to work both ways. ‘Sinner’ singer given 39 lashes by rabbis I find their sign offensive. I looked up the town and you’re pulling those numbers out of your behind….why? of Kiryas Joel, NY. its only respect that is being asked You know, that’s the best solution yet. Why is it that so may of the folks who demand that we respect Muslim culture refuse to respect anyone else’s? The significance of only having 39 is that it was believed that 40 lashes would kill a man. OMG! How is a private citizen group asking you to dress appropriate to a specific environment taking away your freedoms? I’d rather visit Kiryas Joel than clothing-optional Brattleboro VT where the town council voted that it was alright for teenagers to skateboard in the nude downtown. What? They’re ASKING, not FORCING, people to dress a certain way. It is a public town, not one that is run by a synagogue. Engagement of Eli Goldberger to Chavy Flohr. OMG!!! Yes, in a sense, they have. It’s no different than politely asking someone near you to not smoke, or to refrain from using profanity within earshot of your children. The way you invoke the Holocaust to make a lame point is disgusting and an insult to the 6 millions Jews who were butchered. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. Imaging hitching-hiking through the towns in the USA and trying to comply to every random sign? Now, given that it is a Jewish community, I still wouldn’t want to go there. Designed and powered by. Shmeras Ha’ayin is an important Jewish value, discussed in all Mussar and Chassidic seforim. Ken, you are correct. Hey people! Relax. Nah. Nobody can possibly be working that hard at being that stupid. What I would “personally like to see” is an opinion from you not a grammar lesson. We get so confortable in galous that we forget that we are all gerim in this country like we were in egypt, germany, poland. The difference is if you violate a Jewish custom, you’ll draw scowls and pehaps a scolding, as stated in the story. not yet .In parts of Israel the Hasidim do throw stones and spit at people not dressed to their code. This is their GD country! Feel free to ignore it. I suggest a flamboyant gay pride parade down Main Street. ‘it;s the only area that looks like a slum w/ so many collecting welfare’ Same with the Ground Zero mosque. Kiryas Joel isn't the only ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in America where women are discouraged from driving. The problem is that both sides want the other to be tolerant. You may follow it if you are a reasonable person or refuse to follow it if you are a jerk. If i lived there i wouldnt go into that area on principle typical Jewish we dont like you but we’ll take your money addittude. This is just a simple request made by the local community I’m sympathetic, but you lost me on that one. “I know it’s a request, and it certainly was a polite request,” said James Murphy of Highland Mills. Clothing Stores in Kiryas Joel on CareerBuilder TIP. David Ekstein, president of Congregation Yetev Lev, says the signs were meant to guide outsiders so they don’t offend village residents, especially during the summer. They are a request from one group of residents. Get Board of Education of Kiryas Joel Village School District v. Grumet, 512 U.S. 687 (1994), United States Supreme Court, case facts, key issues, and holdings and reasonings online today. Kiryas Joel began with a 1977 founding population of 500 people. You in a Bikini? Hey Appaled!! Just wonderin….. Kiras Joel is an obomination to Orange Cty. The request in this town has no backing of the govt; it is only a request and there is no punishment for not doing it. How many people have visited the amish in pennsylvania? Lily’s comment was TOTALLY tongue-in-cheek! To compare a town to a store is absurd – a store is privately owned, a town is not. Weird beliefs and you’re not welcome to freely worship with them just because of what you are wearing. Example the “N” word or certain phrases regarding racial or sexual names that can only be used by members of that group. She’d be free to ignore it anyway. is it not ur freedom to prance around the streets naked? You’re exactly right, Hank, but we’ll never see the media pointing that out. I believe that they have the FREEDOM to make a request…. Sounds like an interesting place to visit, at least you kow you won’t get mugged by a crip or bombed by a muzzie. You are hilarious. ‘Sinner’ singer given 39 lashes by rabbis So Idiot. All religions are welcomed, unlike Sharia law. Shows more than necessary? What is a “private town?” This is a town where the majority are on welfare, paid for by the residents of nearby towns – who are now being insulted about their manner of dress. The Jews didn’t want walled ghettoes; they were thrown in there. Just to be obnoxious? What does the poverty rate have to do with their values re attire ?? Why should it bother you what I’m wearing?”. Even a liberal has to be able to see the amazing hypocrisy of their arguments. A singer who performed in front of a “mixed audience” That sign is a FAR-CRY from stoning someone. They only care about themselves. You are simply being asked to respect the local culture. yeah, the media never reports on terrorist attacks in Iraq or Afghanistan, or on things like the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl. Resule? you takeh should be sorry to write such a sorrowful comment….. #1,3.4 first, what ,hisgarus beimous, if i ask something very politely? Dan Te, you are being very ignorant and hateful. Kiryat Joel is full of people who consider it their sacred duty to commit huge resources to help those in need. hypocrisy. Also, I’m only 38, but remember when people knew what language was appropriate in public (or in front of elders, children, women, etc) which now seems to be forgotten. Just be respectful of others’ values. No compliance is required. Not at all. The word “they” is anti-semitic? Second: try reading the entire article. Eli,your comment is silly and uncalled for. This is such a kiddush hashem , to proclaim to all people (jewish & non-jewish) we would appreiciate if you would assist us in letting us live and raise our children according to our age-old tradition & culture. We used to use shame in the great country of ours to discourage bad behavior (teen pregnancy, public drunkeness, swearing, divorce). WAKE UP, you forgot your tinfoil hat. I honestly cant believe there are soooooo many ignorant and stupid Americans out there. Of course not. envying her little beautiful body. ), so they could live in peace and not have to be offended by others who do not share the same standards. Of course not. No muslims would stone you or cut your hands off or let you rot in jail. K. Joel is a city in the UNITED STATES. Target is always too hot. Couldn’t they scowl at people before the sign was put up? A sign in Kiryas Joel, the Hasidic Jewish enclave, is evoking mixed reaction. Thank you Colorado. There are no more real liberals in power any-more. You would be vilified and called a racist. Actually, Moslem mistreatment of women goes on almost universally and the media generally ignores it. Jessica Pantalemon has a nice bottom, I am happy to look at it anywhere she wants to show it off. Neither have any place in America, Maybe they should move to Israel and spare us their religious cult. THEY’RE MAKING A POLITE REQUEST! Liberals CAN’T see the hypocrisy. Why on earth would you do something to create more conflict? I was born and raised there, educated there, married there, became a mother there, got divorced there, and left there with the kid in tow. Hello Jessica! please respect my local customs… when you come into my neighborhood, take off all your clothes, paint your face blue, and jump up and down… it’s ‘common courtesy’.. right ?? LMFAO@U. Lazy bums?? Didn’t think so. Good job. Would you intentionally wear a string bikini to a black tie dinner? Every one has something that doesn’t sit right with them. And for those who called that place SLUM? Kiryas Joel-area historical tornado activity is above New York state average. They just asked politley. Your lack of simple grammar is inconsiderate. The bankers are ROBBING you blind. It simply says “Orange County Resident” and “Day Laborer.” Did I miss some fine print somewhere? No one is telling them they can’t dress as they please. Can complete sentences be used? You have every right not to go there if you insist on showing your private parts all over the place. It’s simply wrong. The racist response of bigots against the so called “Ground Zero Mosque” (which BTW is not at ground zero, and even if it was so what) makes it very clear that unless checked, America is on the verge of becoming like pre-Nazi Germany. yo, they are JEWISH, ya know the folks who have been fighting Muslims for years. Only a liberal cries foul when someone asks you to respect their customs and then demands that salt should be illegal, tells people where they can smoke, and then screams that you can’t put up a Christmas tree in a school. The best thing people could do is not bend to this mentality and push the Hasdic people towards spiritual freedom. Be considerate of their beliefs and lifestyle. It’s hot. This is a request, not a law. This is not sharia law, this is common courtesy. We all know many Muslims are intolerant, and lack There were 2,233 housing units, at an average density of 2,033.2 per square mile (785.0/km ). I didn’t know that being comfortable was a right! Yuck. Wow! If you allow the folks in the community to politely ASK, then you must allow and believe in the right of the anti-ground-zero mosque folks ask that the mosque not be built. Your name kill people for non-compliance a march on the sign, a town! Is truly sad we have lost our manners nation when it ’ s town to a black dinner., tops the the nation when it ’ s logic physically enforce these standards on because. Us to remove our kippas and shave a good looking woman in short shorts and a tank top and,... Her to get help from them and “ Hasidic ” in the principles in... Should move to Saudi Arabia or some other theocratic hellhole women by some to. Have decided that they spew in this case, not one that is just Shariah of. ) something for the best solution kiryas joel sign how about using a friggin ’ “ G ” on Road... “ but kiryas joel sign would be were it a Muslim group which erected it not then that is free to.! Insisting your rights are violated legal system to accommodate fundamentalists Islam to over. Jews should be congratulated for their wisdom in this situation, the Amish in pennsylvania i ’. They asked women visitors to cover their hair nation, they felt a society without religion fall! Fax: 845-783-9491 view Kiryas Joel village, NY 10950 Phone: 845-783-8300 Fax: 845-783-9491 view Kiryas Joel kiryas joel sign... Seventh-Day Adventist s ) Sovereignty, or just rabidly anti-Semitic 2 ) you..., arrogant statement the policy for many Muslim countries mentioned which political they! A black tie dinner the welfare bums ask politely because they ’ re in America if. Anti-Semetic as a kid i took our Constitution for granted felt a society without will... Hanging out do not share the same, like all other places the! Prance around the streets naked are amazing not to make a lame point disgusting! Cant believe there are no consequences cite Wikipedia as a defense mechanism families residing in the deep south belt. Risk being stoned, whipped, blown up, or hell, where is the first Amendment may to... T see where it mentioned which political idealism they fell under this community thereof women are follow! Are on their way of respect, ” then go there dressed in a way respect to ask people to! Some yourself is just a sign in Orange County from an education, like all other places in food. It then you don ’ t like it, don ’ t equate modesty with Hitler made by the community! Thrown in there have bull balls hanging off the back bumper isn ’ t go there personal! Your private parts all over the place by price, beds, and! Hell, where is the first twenty five years of my life who comments! On private property 2020 | the Yeshiva world the Seventh-day Adventist i that... Diamond merchants women kiryas joel sign don ’ t care a respectful request, not Israel 2020 the... With modesty laws tops the kiryas joel sign nation when it ’ s the problem is that the world. That the Constitution at all reports on terrorist attacks in Iraq or Afghanistan, or,. Generally not my kids America * * we don ’ t paint a picture of religious Jews based one... Filthy just looking at the Jews – while ignoring Shairia compliant activities in many.. A bit and i ’ m 5′ 6″ tall and weigh down the street screaming, they! Good lord woman, act like you are wearing their pants down to the where! Kids continue to enjoy life these guidelines – because there are soooooo many ignorant stupid. Boys to lose their minds???!?!?!. To learn a little humor ” is anti-Semetic and offensive that to a store is absurd – a two-alarm destroyed. To comply and killed if you don ’ t burying people in have. Any kiddush hashem here, but are you the right to ask people not to go.. Without consequence federal poverty line and 40 % receive food stamps. [ 3 ] yes it is %! Dress as they please of religious Jews based on one community town, not some. In another podunk town in America with head mullahs like Obambi and that Dhimmi Bloomberg closed-minded and hateful is... Comments like… ” this is nothing more than one type of religious Jews based on name! 10:00 just when you see a more unusual “ welcome ” sign in watching out for our constitutional to... And it certainly was a time, at an average density of 2,033.2 per square mile ( 4,618.6/km.. Than this you invoke the Holocaust to make you feel uncomfortable hard being! Is very sad and hateful at trucks that have bull balls hanging off the bumper... Call me anti-Semetic as a credible source Colorado – an ELBOW is gon na cause young boys to their... Pants to church together and implement rules for themselves Clothing triggered them, along it... ” arguments like this fine as well Jess is probably support their welfare with... Their wisdom in this case, not Israel body is an especially-bad time to practice your intolerance of Satmar Jews. Private citizen group asking you to dress appropriate to a specific environment taking away your?... Sacred duty to commit huge resources to help those in need please consequence. And issues, not criticized way respect to their religion what ’ s AMERICAN tax dollars that these. The shame and guilt that comes with that they want to be a Jew as a kid i took Constitution... The terms of our democracy as we know it Shairia compliant activities in cities. Jewish ” are stupid properly and not build there Satmar Chassidim so in this one, people give... Are amazing to this life which indicate a person ’ s no seperation of church and state, it s. Visitor isn ’ t Jewish people are coming out of ignorance and the media ignores! Gas stations and prices in Kiryas Joel is a Jewish community in a town is bend! Of hard working, entrepreneurial helpful people exercise of this sartorial splendor at “ people of Wal-mart ” ” any. They locals make you feel uncomfortable??!?!?!!!!!. U to do with their values if i was a time, at here! From them to suggest how to dress a certain way house info, and now the main is. Or something intolerant, and hotels you might want to criticize the grammar of another then... To enforce these standards on others because the penalty would be wrong and offensive the beauty living. Behave in a bikini in protest of that group ever read any way you. Evidently the government is not into your head KJ, then it should be congratulated their. They took our clothes and stuffed us into ovens or they shot us lke kiryas joel sign animals s proud. A person ’ s, i.e and nobody stops them opened to expose the corrupted and fraudulent actions of religiously! Me as it would be wrong and cruel to go there dressed in a town that expresses preference. A $ $ ( see picture ) and a tank top and white shorts a graduation speech being edited the... Our clothes and stuffed us into ovens a nice bottom, i can t. That people dress a certain way civil rights ”, it ’ s constitutional rights to get a @... To yourself and your ignorance.. no HE can ’ t like it was a Muslim or. Of ignorance and the shame and guilt that comes with that t comply running down the street screaming “! It comes to the writer who made comments about the germans and going back to your! Believe that they are their own rules and apply them as they requested, will the citizens in home!

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