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legs fetish sweatshirts & hoodies. She showed him her paper on time-machines. 301. @god_vulcan: Dude was genius in basically all scientific fields, mainly nanotechnology. Kurisu herself should be at least 160. Join Facebook to connect with Makise Kurisu and others you may know. How can you put this list without Aizen and Urahara? Kurisu Makise Rintaro Okabe ilə birlikdə franşizin əsas personajlarından biridir, ən əhəmiyyətli qadın personajdır. You can also upload and share your favorite Kurisu Makise wallpapers. View, download, comment, and rate - Wallpaper Abyss And what's stunning is that some people really do find that smart. He loves her as well, but they have to move to the beta world line to stop SERN's future domain, the world line where Kurisu dies. Ultimate life form Kars has an IQ of 400. kurisu makise stocking sweatshirts & hoodies. Makise Kurisu then continues reading the Z Program.. "Stage 1: Construction and implementation of the large Hadron Collider." CMU: where the loudest cheers at a talent show go to the guy speed solving Rubik's Cubes — Kedar Amladi "When I say everyone. - Wallpaper Abyss 5pb. Makise Kurisu. if it says he has an iq over 200 at the age of 12, then he has an iq over 200 at the ripe age of 200. you can't say it isn't, but you're just in denial. Anime figures from Solaris Japan, if you are looking for the best place to buy anime figures our Japanese anime figures are more than just collectibles they’re a fundamental part of otaku culture!. Akagi Shigeru IQ : 180 9. Makise Kurisu 34 Fav. I already stated that my list isn't related to IQ, I just made up most of them. Kurisu was so brilliant, that her father literally wanted to get rid of her out of pure jealousy. In Mudae, Kurisu Makise is a rollable waifu character. 311 . Free shipping. Though he claims to have the IQ of sir Isaac Newton he does not seem to have any true feats unlike Hashida, Itaru or Makise, Kurisu. Skip to main She becomes the fourth and final of the primary lab members and does a lot of the work on the time machine. Very frightening. Her research on the brain's memory retention system has earned critical acclaim in the scientific community. After that, Kurisu encounters Okabe to thank him for saving her. sexy kurisu sweatshirts & hoodies. She's a Neuroscience Researcher. Accept. 2017/12/28. Saying he isn't at 200 IQ because in your opinion, he hasn't displayed any is directly clashing with Author intent. I love you so much, I don't know what to do to myself. Shikamaru's tactics oftenly revolve around two or three feints or using the environment at his advantage thanks to his jutsu. Or Metagross, who has a brain with the processing speed of a supercomputer. Obviously, because he had now found the great genius’s weakness! Intergalactic - Lvl 15+ 1,500 XP . My kind of RHM. 76 + Follow - Unfollow Posted on: Sep 13, 2020 . $50.20. dışa dönük olmayan insanların bazı meslekleri yapabilmesi çok zor maalesef. Steins;Gate 0 ended without revealing her true identity, so I am curious. Shinichi Kudo IQ : 190 10. @rukelnikovftw: You're right Bulma never really occured to me. Then again, it also depends on who this "population" is and where you are. Shop Makise Kurisu Red - Steins Gate | Anime Shirt steins gate hoodies designed by mzethner as well as other steins gate merchandise at TeePublic. Pariston Hill IQ : 200 7. Her father decided to take the paper and publish it on his name. This is the guy wasting pilots and resources by fighting potential allies and who always get saved by his best fighters because he never has a backup plan when his main one fails. 263 0 Makise Kurisu … Show Less. Kurisu Makise is one of the main protagonists in Steins;Gate. Kurisu refuted, but got stabbed, later dying. ), get their fortune, ask an 8ball for help to make important life decisions and many many other things! Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. @pariston_hill: What kind of logic is that? That's due to the fact that these three guys actually are really good military leaders, strategists and diplomats. I will kill all. Buy DanRobertse GmFXCUt7201pmbKv Case Cover Skin For Galaxy S3 (steins;gate Makise Kurisu): Cell Phones & Accessories - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases 1. Have you read Battle Angel Alita? Makise Kurisu Gemerkt von: imgur. Why did he laugh? Makise Kurisu…” His expression was serious, genuine… and in an odd way, nostalgic. Join Facebook to connect with Kurisu Makise and others you may know. $27.99. I believe that the author just wanted to draw a gap between a ninja who actually uses his brain and the others with brawn, but he exaggerated it. Теперь сей профиль назван в честь прекрасной Kurisu Makise. No one in their right mind would have asked Albert Einstein for battle strategies in WW2, or even now for that matter. I would also include Gankutsuou: the Counte of Monte Cristo, he was very sophisticated and his planned revenge was just so spectacular. Kurisu Makise is lid van Facebook. Faust from Soul Cartel. Kurisu was alive, thanks to Okabe. JUST PLAYING. Although Kishimoto has more time to give Shikamaru strategies, while in the series Shikamaru takes seconds to come up with them. Word lid van Facebook om met Makise Kurisu en anderen in contact te komen. Readers who viewed this page, also viewed original Part 62. dışa dönük bir insanın ise yapamayacağı meslek yok. Tons of anime seems to be created specifically to make us bawl our eyes out. And then he wins his battles because he's a "chess genius" as would say his retarded subordinates or just plain lazy writing such as disguising everyone as Zero or predicting an entire conversation. She believed him. Gin Freecs IQ : 180 8. They go back and everything goes back to "normal". Also definitely not a Makise Kurisu thread. Is she her daughter? @god_vulcan: Dude was genius in basically all scientific fields, mainly nanotechnology. Not to mention he was also so very philosophical and most likely very knowledgeable. The guy just pulls 2 feints in a fight against people his age and is completely overpowered when it comes to stronger people than him and he's considered an absolute genius. Spoilers ahead for emphasis! View the profiles of people named Kurisu Makise. Incredibly, genious level IQ, smart; Loves Dr. Pepper (so she auto shoots up to S Class Waifu level because of that) Long flowing, great looking red hair (red heads are my favs) Her grey eyes are so nice; Her tsundere moments are fantastic; which lead to fantastic moments with Okabe Rintaro and the other Lab members; tabi bunları hafif depresyonu olanlar ya da depresif özellikler gösterenler için söyledim. Okabe has the characteristics of a lanky young man, with a square jaw and bony cheeks. ... Makise Kurisu (Steins;Gate) 10. He is the founder of the Future Gadget Lab where he and his lab members invents various gadgets. @sladerulez: So? MEETING THE ENEMY A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement | Cassie Jaye | TEDxMarin - Duration: 14:48. LOGH tacticians are great, but it feels like your high-balling military and tactical knowledge over L and Light's detective and analytical capabilities, they're both geniuses at that, you know. Currently Offline. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. In the alpha world line, the lecture is canceled and she wasn't stabbed. Makise Kurisu 35 Fav. If his IQ is stated to be over 200, it's over 200. @darthaznable: I said arguably, never said he was. 4 Makise Kurisu (IQ: 193) 5 Yang Wen-li (IQ: 167) 6 Paul Oberstein (IQ: 156) 7 Reinhard von Lohengramm (IQ: 153) ... IQ doesn't mean you know everything or can automatically solve everything. He tells her the truth about what happened in the alpha world line, how they loved each other. And I don't know half the people on this list LMFAO. This article uses material from the “Kurisu Makise” article on the Steins;Gate Wiki at FANDOM is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. Makise Kurisu is on Facebook. bu yüzden dışa dönük olmamız için bizi zorluyorlar. Behold, the Most ingenious plot in fiction. I believe in you! Anime: Steins; Gate. your own Pins on Pinterest Shikamaru's plans are very well thought out, and he's smart enough to know when he's beat. Ever since then, she has been pretty hard to come by, and the only places you can get her are second hand places like Mandarake and eBay. Facebook geeft mensen de kans om te delen en maakt de wereld toegankelijker. No, you have to be cute for that. Makise Kurisu, the prodigy who had her own thesis published at the tender age of 17, was weak to chopsticks! It's just the way I roll. Get up to 50% off. Light: His is not as impressive as L's, so maybe he should be the lowest on the list, but he determined the name of L which almost no one else has been able to do before, maybe except the other two detectives at the end who replaced L. The show turned to mediocre quality after L's death so I don't remember things that well. Apparently, anime creators love making their audience cry. Because of having a father in the branch, she aspired to become a scientist like him. $167.67. Makise Kurisu 34 Fav. Kurisu Makise POSTER: Kurisu Makise watercolor print, Kurisu Makise wall art, Steins;Gate wall art, Steins;Gate watercolor poster. See more ideas about kurisu makise, steins gate 0, steins. From shop SoulOnWall. Li think she fought someone who split a moon/planet too but it's been a few years since I read. Tons of awesome Kurisu Makise wallpapers to download for free. Makise Kurisu is a genious girl who graduated university at the age of 17. Yah? Seriously? All the author has to do is write, " and in 2 days the good doc created the most complex device" thats just lazy fucking writing. Is it really such as intelligent idea to look for something powerful? Read the topic about Tsundere or Not: Kurisu Makise on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! stay away from her she's mine :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: A place to express all your otaku thoughts about anime and manga. He has his short black hair swept back and has brown irises, with a small amount of stubble on his chin and cheeks. Number Picture Name Description 4 ... A man who proved the world IQ is menial as he scored a 125 score, yet he made contributions to the Manhattan Project and contributed to the field of physics ever so greatly. Discover (and save!) Zerochan has 926 Makise Kurisu anime images, wallpapers, HD wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, screenshots, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery. I don't believe that Lelouch or Blank are smart, Lelouch Vi Britannia from Code Geass (IQ: 200), @jb681131: Lelouch is a pathetic edgy teenager and an absolute catastrophe when it comes to tactical or leadership skills. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Check out our makise kurisu selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our keychains shops. Màkise Kurisu / Platinum 4 52LP / 386W 369L Win Ratio 51% / Katarina - 22W 13L Win Ratio 63%, Pyke - 15W 9L Win Ratio 63%, Akali - 7W 7L Win Ratio 50%, Irelia - 4W 4L Win Ratio 50%, Graves - … Other than a certain flourishy quality to her rhetoric she could probably pass for male over the Internet if you’d never seen her before. Alakazam. L: Coming close to determining who a mysterious killer is, with only having the clue of the killer's generic killing pattern. All time) 35 Fav. But Kurisu is objectively superior when it comes to actual intellect. This is all in the beta world line. After a few more hell of stressed out moments for Okabe, the papers were destroyed. To me and I think you too, how intelligent someone is has to be shown and not an author saying "hes the smartest person in the world" or author having all his characters praising one character as the smartest guy in the world. — Makise Kurisu, Steins;Gate. Makise Kurisu (牧瀬紅莉栖) là một cô gái thiên tài, tốt nghiệp đại học khi còn ở tuổi 17. Sora and Shiro from no game no life should be there. I think what you mean, is that sometimes he is too emotional and this causes him to waste valuable resources, time and sometimes lose battles because at his best Lelouch has amazing tactical skills, and is a great commander. [FR/EN Page] Makise Kurisu is one of the main characters in Steins;Gate. — 5pb. Shinichi alone has better deductive skills than L. She re-created an entire libraries contents through sheer memory; every word, chapter, page, & book. Account & Lists Account Returns & … Sep 11, 2018 - A subreddit dedicated to best waifu Makise Kurisu, from the classic visual novel / anime Steins;Gate. Word lid van Facebook om met Kurisu Makise en anderen in contact te komen. Kurisu is an 18-year-old Teen Genius apparently killed at the very beginning of the story, only to appear both alive and confused at Okabe's assertion that she's supposed to be dead. Or having a character create universe saving device. Join Facebook to connect with Makise Kurisu and others you may know. Makise Kurisu is a character from Steins;Gate. TEDx Talks Recommended for you Zero Ukai IQ : 150 14. Makise Kurisu 35 Fav. Rintaro also wears a lab coat that reaches just below his knees, over a plain white T-shirt(light gray in the anime), and khaki colored slacks. Her hair, which she prefers to let loose, ranges in ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn. Anyways, Kurisu was first released last year in January, then re-released again last September. After the lecture, which was ruined by the other main character Okabe Rintarou, she tried to talk to her father. He wouldn't even be above average in the HxH world. Kurisu Makise (牧瀬 紅莉栖, Makise Kurisu?) makise kurisu foot fetish sweatshirts & hoodies. Steins;Gate Makise Kurisu Plush Doll Stuffed Toy Bed Cushion Hold Pillow Cos#YW. From the heartfelt dramas about young love, unrequited feelings, and relationship drama to the more serious stories that tackle issues like death, war, and illness, anime has found countless ways to break our hearts and make us weep. Anokata IQ : 160 6. If you want to disable cookies for your browser, just click here to change that. ( If you're lucky. ) The closest thing to a valid IQ score on her (although I’m dubious on the idea) put her IQ at somewhere between 160-180. Kotobukiya PP772 Steins Gate 0 Kurisu Makise Antinomic Dual ANI Statue 5.0 out of 5 stars 11. 192 Kurisu Makise HD Wallpapers and Background Images. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! 13 Ara 12:43 Yanıtla Beğen (2) Şikayet Et Engelle Steins;Gate Kurisu Makise! She started studying, having debates with her father, and... she started winning. El Psy Congroo soo many games too little time to play.. View more info. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Makise Kurisu is a genious girl who graduated university at the age of 17. And in battle, circumstance is a big deal. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. One of his inventions made copies of him for whenever he dies. Makise Kurisu Kurisu is a slender young woman with waist-length, reddish hair, and dull violet eyes. Buy PC Engine games and accessories from Solaris Japan, we are the leading online retailer of retro games and titles, all shipped globally. ... (443): His IQ is so high, I swear I started ovulating when he told me the number. 5 out of 5 stars (48) 48 reviews $ 10.20. In this world, the only person who knows Lab Member 004, Makise Kurisu, is me. Knives Millions (Trigun) deserves to be mentioned too, the "plants" mastered speech after 90 day after being born, From then on, Knives has shown to be extremely intelligent certainly more than any scientist from his verse. For example a character who has an idea to go look for gems that allow him to gain control of the universe somehow supposedly makes him smart. He has an IQ of 4000. 9 months ago. Free shipping . Kurisu has demonstrated high interest in science since her early years. We were meant for each other. For example, loss of IQ when growing muscles, cow person TF for breast expansion, gassy for inflation, etc. Unique Black Lab Stickers designed and sold by artists. Mayuri Kurotsuchi deserves an honorable mention just for the insane, borderline toon force prep skills he has. Despite her excellent skills in physics, she's actually a neuroscientist. @pariston_hill: Well because he doesn't have the best battlefield showings in anime doesn't put him below 200 IQ. Makise Kurisu. But in that world line there would be a World War III over the papers that Kurisu's father stole. And this literally a killer who kills his victims without touching them or coming near them. $39.16. Makise Kurisu is lid van Facebook. High quality Intellectual gifts and merchandise. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 3px arm (Slim) Background Makise Kurisu Skyloryck. The hair color differs considerably in the anime (red) from the original VN. Too often i see ppl calling a character smart because characters in it calls that one character smart. Shikamaru isn't smart enough to be on it, no matter how high is IQ is. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. $199.99. And I'm not just determining the characters by IQ, I placed Yang, Reinhard and Oberstein before characters with IQ up to 30 points above them. steins gate time sweatshirts & hoodies. @gotoucanario: what are you responding to? Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. Center Backs. Okabe Rintaro was speaking from the bottom of his heart, and she could tell. Last one . Makise Kurisu 35 Fav. A "genius" is anybody above 160. @god_vulcan: yeah I know it is only anime/manga however the thing is people when making these threads usually put manhua and manwha in the same category as manga. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! View the profiles of people named Makise Kurisu. With each 20 points difference, you're supposed to be twice as smart or twice as dumb. This time, it'll be of Nendoroid Makise Kurisu, the main heroine of the anime Steins;Gate! ticaretle uğraşmak en büyük örneği. Home & Kitchen Hello, Sign in. #steins;gate #steinsgatezero #rintaro okabe #makise kurisu #okabe x kurisu #mayushii #daru #anime #tuturu #digital art #digital drawing #digitalIllustration #weeb #weeb culture #japan #tokyo #scientists #time machine #time traveller #el psy congroo #metal upa #organization #SERN #hououin kyouma #christina #gel banana #human is dead mismatch #art #digitalartist For instance, that's not something the Black Organization from Detective Conan would've fallen into, making them a much more dangerous threat than Kira. Shiho Miyano IQ : 160 12. This video is unavailable. If we're talking about battle tactics, then characters in HxH such as Killua, Hisoka, Chrollo, Morel or Kurapika have displayed the same kind of wits if not in a more impressive way. Makise Kurisu 34 Fav. Kurisu has demonstrated high interest in science since her early years. Development history. SQUARE ENIX STEINS; GATE Makise Kurisu 35in Cloth toy TENUGUI hand towel 9. Even though I can't make the final checks yet. One of his inventions made copies of him for whenever he dies. Oct 19, 2020 - Explore Goa Way's board "Kurisu makise" on Pinterest. Anime Figures - Let’s Figure It Out! I also wouldn't just determine them by IQ, I would also determine intelligence by actions, conversation, displayed knowledge, profession (somewhat) and background (somewhat). Hello, Kurisu Makise, I'm an 18 y.o. SoulOnWall. orta veya ağır depresyonu olanlar mutlaka bir ruh sağlığı uzmanına görünmeliler. White or transparent. Watch Queue Queue However, the main focus should be on one of the main expansion ideas. About 2 months ago . All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Makise Kurisu 34 Fav. A deep red covered her face as she yelled at him, telling him that she asked him for a fork and spoon for a reason. Freakin' mad scientists, man. I feel it. an iq is an iq. 9" Steins Gate Makise Kurisu 1/8 Scale PVC Action Figure Collection Model Toy MN. What is her real identity? Show More. Her father stopped talking to her as she achieved more prestige than him, having his pride hurt. 1,396 likes. Kurisu is a discord entertainment bot developed by Fehleno and EnderCrypt. Sau nhiều lần gặp Okabe Rintarou, cô "bị" tham gia và trở thành thành viên 004 của Phòng thí nghiệm Thiết bị… They should be directly under LOGH tacticians, save Johan and Fiend. hot kurisu makise sweatshirts & hoodies. There's no reason Kishimoto would change the scale of IQ tests (yes Shikamaru took an IQ test). Ppl think because in a cartoon they see one dude win chess matches makes him smart and having one character get iq test and have 200+ iq or something makes him smart. Cookies are currently enabled to maximize your TeePublic experience. She looked so much similar to Kurisu Makise. "I've replaced every organ in my body with false ones!". Kurisu Makise. I really forced my way to put Light and L in the top by sacrificing other great LOGH tacticians and they honestly can't do better than those above them. -Makise-Kurisu-Prince Malaysia Level . Раньше был просто Misha, а теперь лучшая цундеру-ученый. Mar 3, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Елена Завадская. He read every book in the Azrael library, outsmarted the arch-Demon of knowledge twice, knows the molecular formula to create multiple items ranging from entire houses to food, created new surgical techniques, created a counter plan to somebody throwing him in jail before the person even thought about throwing him in jail, can predict the future to frightening accuracy, and he has 2 life's to reference stuff from. Với nghiên cứu về hệ thống duy trì bộ nhớ của não bộ, cô đã đạt nhiều thành tựu lớn trong giới khoa học. Based on the IQ test (which is not an actual intelligence test since they are exceptions), 89 is the average. Read more information about the character Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate? It's simply how intelligent you are. Btw I started reading Soul Cartel and it's great 9/10. They stopped talking at all. She is a genius who graduated when she was 17, and is later integrated in Future Gadgets laboratory. @uchiha_st: What I said is that, realistically speaking, Shikamaru has nowhere near a 200 IQ. So, I won't forget. I love you so much, Kurisu, with unconditional love. Kurisu Makise (牧瀬 紅莉栖, Makise Kurisu?) If I had to make this list, I would include the same characters, but I would place L and Light a little higher. MAKISE KURISU. You have to remember that a genius in a series is only as smart as the author. @princeleif: Yes but what makes you think that the characters above them wouldn't have guessed that as well? Lol no. OR series by Makisu Kurisu C-204 BY HOUOUIN KYOUMA He made a freaking time machine he is by no means stupid person and he comes as top of his college in whatever subject it is and he also claims to have 170 IQ , I though he was joking but when he announced his victory speech by sacrificing Kurisu , I believe that he might actually be telling the truth

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